Saturday, June 19, 2010


Exercise has always been a four letter word to me. I hate doing it.

They say, you should keep searching because there is something out there for everyone. Something you will find that you really like and enjoy and therefore, will stick with it.

I tried so many things and I never found anything I enjoyed. So, I pretty much gave up on the idea of ever finding something I would really like doing.

I figured I would have to just suffer through it and what ever exercise I did was not going to make me happy. Well, until I was done with it. Then I would always be happy. Happy it was over!

Yet, today something odd happened. I was sitting alone at home. I didn't feel like doing anything really but, I was starting to get bored. I felt that urge to go to the kitchen and get something to eat.

Something sweet or salty. Comfort food. Something to fill up my time and make me happy. I'm a big emotional eater and eat for just about any reason. I could be happy, sad, tired, bored, depressed. It didn't matter, food was always my place to turn to for comfort.

I knew in my heart I really didn't want to do that and I was proud of myself for actually noticing that I was headed down that path. You know the one. The one that is fun to walk down but it always hits a dead end. It always ends up making you feel bad. It leads to no where nice.

So, rather then doing that, I turned around and went down a different road. One I hardly ever go down.

It lead me to my bedroom. To my dresser. I went to the bottom drawer, dug around and way down, under lots of things I found it. That bathing suit I have and never wear.

I put it on, grabbed a towel and went to the backyard. I was actually going to go swimming.

I got in and the water was a bit cold. But, after I got dunked in, it was fine. Then I started. First at slow, then faster and stronger. I was swimming.

Old feelings came back. I used to like to swim. I used to go every night years ago. I looked forward to it.

The pool in our backyard is not really a good shape to swim laps though. So, I did water aerobics. For about 45 mins I was doing kicks, bends, running around, doing arm circles.

The big shock was... I was having fun. I really was having fun. Could it be true? Could there really be an exercise that even I would enjoy doing? I think there just may be.

Now, I have to get over my fear and worry about others seeing me in my bathing suit. That way it won't matter who is here, I can still go in and do my exercises while I have fun and not have to wait for days when I'm here alone.

Do you have an exercise you really enjoy doing? If so, what is it?

I really think that if I keep up the water aerobics, walking and hiking I will kick up my weight loss. I'm really excited about this.


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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Water aerobics are supposed to be so good, Joanne, because they don't put pressure on the joints like other ways of exercising do. You are so lucky to have a pool in your backyard!