Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of my favorite places to go walk is at the beach. Each season has it's perks.

I love the winter when it's chilly out, a bit grey and very quiet at the beach.

I love Spring when the weather is perfect out. Not hot, but still warm. The stores are starting to open up. The rental signs are slowly coming down as they houses are rented out.

Fall is a great time to walk at the beach. Hardly a person to be found but every now and then you pass another walker. The breeze brings the smells from the Ocean to you and you are often alone with only your thoughts.

But, come Summer... Well, the beach comes alive. People every where. Sounds of laughter fill the air. The sand fills up with bright colored umbrellas and families. Young lovers walk along hand in hand.

Today was the last day of school here. So the beach was filled with young people gathering, talking and planning what they will be doing all summer.

Most people were still supporting their white Winter bodies. Soon to be a gold brown.

The Life Guards were back, protecting everyone and making sure everyone stays safe.

As we, my sister Maureen and I, walked from The Newport Beach Pier to the Balboa Beach Pier, I fully enjoyed the view.

Oh come on! I may be old but I'm not blind. This young 20 something was just what I needed to keep up my desire to walk from one city to the next.

I enjoyed looking at all the pretty houses too. Yes, that is one house, right on the beach. Oh if only my dreams could come true...

I loved how so many of the houses have huge windows that open up and bring the outdoors in. Or should I say, the indoors out.

I loved the copper on top of this house with the weathered green patina.

I have to admit, walking from Newport Beach to Balboa was a great walk. I enjoyed every minute of it.

However, when we turned around and started to walk back it seemed much further. We couldn't even see the pier at Newport Beach.

So, when we finally made it back to where we had parked, I was happy to be able to sit down and rest.

I looked it up and was surprised to see it's a 6 mile walk that we did.

Hey, I think I just proved to myself that exercise doesn't have to be bad. It can be very enjoyable. I just can't think of it as exercise.

Summer is a perfect time for us to get outdoors, get some fresh air, see some nice things and get our bodies moving. You won't even notice you are really doing nothing more then exercise!



Kathleen said...

6 miles! That is a good workout! Your house on the beach are so different than what we have here on the ocean!

Linda said...

Walking really is the best exercise and the beach is the perfect place to walk. So much to see and to take in...just makes the time so enjoyable and not seem like exercise.

I walk at night with a neighborhood friend for an hour. Having a buddy is the key!

Claireanne said...

One week down!

Joyce said...

Nothing like a 6 mile walk with beautiful surroundings and that includes the 20 yr old and the house and the ocean. I can never ever get enough beach time!

Rach said...

Looks beautiful!