Friday, June 11, 2010


My hunt for the best cupcake in So. Cal is on! Here is my first review.

I had heard a lot of great things about The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in Orange CA. I was excited to try it, so, off I went.

Located at 165 N. Glassell Street in Orange, CA, I knew at first sight that I had discovered a hidden jewel.

Out front is a darling window display that was my first hint of how cute this shop was going to be. However, when I walked inside, I stopped dead in my tracts.

This place was something out of a dream. Painted a Tiffany Blue with Black and White accents made me feel like I walked into the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I loved it.

One wall has these great photos in black and white. I found out they were the children of the owner.

Look at this great sitting area. It's not only functional and comfortable but it is darling.

Over at the coffee bar area is a big picture of Audrey Hepburn herself. I knew we were in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's!

There were great touches of bling around the store too. Like this big diamond on the tables! I would love to have one of these on my desk. Wouldn't you?

Check out this apron and pearls. I know! I gasped with joy too!

OK, so the place was out of this world. But, I was there to try the cupcakes. So let's go see what they had to offer.

Several flavors to pick from. Each one looked so good. It was really hard for me to pick which one I would try.

At $3.50 each, the price was average for gourmet cupcakes. If you buy a dozen, you get a discount and it will only cost you $30.00. That's like getting two for free.

I loved the look of these Cookie and Cream cupcakes. Look at those little cookies on top of that creamy icing. YUM!

But, that was not the cupcake I was going to

My sister, Maureen, went with me and she got a few cupcakes to go. I was happy about this because it gave me a chance to see how they packed their cupcakes to go.

This is important. Really it is. I've ordered cupcakes at places and they put them in a bag. Now I don't need to tell you how it looked by the time I got it home. Let's just say, I wouldn't have been able to serve it to company.

The Perfect Circle Cupcakery did a great job. They put the cupcakes in a nice box with a cute sticker on top.

To eat there, I got the banana with cream cheese icing and my sister got the Coconut cupcake.

They serve them on a pretty silver tray. Nice touch.

Oh, in case you were wondering how the cupcakes looked inside the to go box, you can see here. They keep them from smashing into each other and mixing the flavors.

Wouldn't you love to get a box of different flavor cupcakes, like this.

So far, I love everything about this place. However, it was now time to try the cupcake.

I picked the banana cupcake not only because I love that flavor (which I do) but also because most cupcakes that are banana flavor are on the dry side. More like a muffin with icing.

I figured, if they could do a good banana cupcake the rest had to be good too.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much though. I figured the place was wonderful, the packing and presentation was great but how many places can really hit a home run with everything?

I cut the cupcake in 1/2. I was surprised it didn't crumble to bits. Then I took a bite.

I was in HEAVEN! This cupcake was very moist and had delicious flavor. The icing was just as good. I loved the walnuts surrounding the icing rather then being in the cupcake. I think that would have made it seem more like a muffin then a cupcake.

I was ready to stop my search for the best cupcake in So. Cal. This was by far my favorite cupcake I have ever had to date. It really was that good.

It was so good that I went and bought another one to take home for later.

I have nothing bad to say about this cupcake. The only way it could have been any better was if it was bigger! Or free. I wanted more and more of this cupcake.

While I feel it's going to be hard to top this place, my search is still on. I will be reviewing more cupcake shops.

If you have a favorite place or if you are the owner of a cupcake shop and want to be included in this search, please let me know. I would be happy to try out your favorite places.

As far as The Perfect Circle Cupcakery goes, I highly recommend you go there. You won't be let down. Just buy more then you think you will eat because I promise, you will want more later.

I'm holding off giving my score for The Perfect Cupcakery until I review all the other locations. At that time I will give the scores for all the locations and pick the Best Cupcake in So. Cal.

However, I can say that when I have a birthday or anytime someone wants to buy me a gift, I'm asking for cupcakes from here!



Rach said...

That place looks amazing. Like a little piece of heaven! Wow, the cupcakes look so gourmet!! The shop itself is adorable.

Rebecca said...

What a jewel you found! LOVELY! The cupcakes look scrumptious too! Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

I loved these cupcakes. They have a homemade taste. Good ol' fashion flavor but with a modern twist! How exciting you are doing this when HGTV is having the new series the Cupcake Challenge starting on Tuesday.

Donna said...

OMG, I think I used up all my WW points for the week by just looking at your photographs!! They look sooooooo good! Why, oh why, do I have such a sweet tooth?? If weigh-in wasn't on Monday I think I'd be making a trip to the bakery right about now!... Donna

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

You have such a beautiful blog! I'm linking to this delicious post from mine. Thank you. :)