Monday, May 31, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. I sure did. It's always a great time when I get together with my family.

We had plans to stay home and BBQ but you know how things go. Sometimes, plans change.

This weekend I'm having a Garage Sale and it seems to be creeping up faster then I expected. I have so much stuff in storage to go through and bring home.

So, we decided to forgo the backyard BBQ and go out to eat so I would have more time to spend at my storage area.

But, we still wanted BBQ. There is a great restaurant that is near us called Lucille's BBQ. Some of us have been there before and loved it, while some of us have been wanting to go there. It seemed like the perfect place to go.

As it turned out, it couldn't have been better! The food was good, the decor was darling and everyone left feeling full and content.

Lucille's BBQ claims to have good ol' Southern food and I have to say they really do. Not only do they have BBQ they have great sides to go with it. Like roasted corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, coleslaw, baked beans, mac & cheese, fries and the list goes on and on.

So you may be thinking, what does a vegetarian eat at a BBQ place. Well, I had mac & cheese, roasted corn on the cob and sweet potatoes. Along with a biscuit with apple butter.

The drinks were served in Bell Jars and the dessert list was so tasty sounding. However, we had fresh strawberry pie at home so we didn't get that.

We all shared great food, great company and lots of laugh. Plus, I got a lot done at my storage too. Talk about a great day!



Rach said...

Looks like the perfect Memorial Day BBQ to me!

Kathleen said...

Sounds like a good day! It was crazy busy here, and VP Joe Biden was at Mass..secret service all over!
What are you selling..not any dishes or tablescape stuff I hope!!! said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway for May. Please send me your address so I can mail it to you.


Linda said...

We love Lucille's BBQ and go to the one in Tempe, AZ everytime we visit our daughter at ASU. We haven't been to the one in Huntington Beach yet.

Everything about Lucille's is enjoyable...the food, the decor, the atmosphere. It's just a fun place.

We tried the fried pickles a few weeks ago. Good but not my favorite thing. I'm just not crazy about eating warm pickles!