Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past weekend, was my birthday. To celebrate, my two sisters, Trinity and I went to Newport Beach and had a wonderful breakfast.

We then headed to Balboa Island and went on a Whale Watching Tour.

As we left, the sun was shinning and trying to burn off the morning haze.

Once we got out into the sea the sky was clear, the water blue and the wind was blowing. It got a big chilly out there. Plus, the sea was really choppy, though it doesn't look like it in this photo.

I love being out on the water and getting to a place where you can't see land. I think that is why I love to cruise. Plus, I love the rocking of the boat.

We searched and searched but couldn't find a whale in sight.

Then we turned around and got closer to the shore. There were reports of dolphins there.

To be honest, I would rather see the dolphins then whales anyway. I was really hoping to see some.

Before I knew it, I heard my sisters yelling "There is one! No, there are two!".

It was really hard to capture them with my camera though. By the time it clicked the picture, they were already back under the water.

You can click on the photo above and then you should be able see them.

Off in the distance we heard the clanging of the bell on the buoy. So we went closer. Look what we found!

A bunch of lazy sea lions all sunbathing. How cute.

One the way back in this guy decided to take a rest and catch a ride with us.

After the tour was over, we walked around the fun zone awhile and had lunch at one of the pizza places. Then we got in our car and headed home.

We decided to take the ferry home.

Good bye Balboa! See you soon.

We didn't see any whales but we had a lot of fun and the best part was, we got free tickets to go back again. You see, they guarantee you will see a whale or you can keep going back until you do.



Rach said...

The seals are so cute! We did a whale watch in Cape Cod a few years back. We actually saw some!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What a fun celebration! I didn't know they guarantee a whale spot! That is very cool.