Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was planning on having a party to celebrate LOST's final show tonight. Then I decided not to as I wasn't going to have enough time to pull it all together.

However, yesterday I decided to have my family over for dinner and since everyone was LOST fans I would do a Tablescape with the LOST theme.

I didn't have to time to go shopping for anything and I didn't want to spend money to buy anything new anyway.

So, I used what I had and tried to be creative with what I could find and this is what I came up with. You would have to be a LOST fan to really understand any of these things.

I started with wicker chargers which represents the huts they all built and lived in. Then I had no idea what kind of plates to use. What would they have on an island?

I came up with printing out the Dharma logo for the cafeteria and put it under a glass plate.

For our utensils I thought I would go with plastic as that is what they had from the plane crash.

Most of the stuff I came up with was things I printed myself and used as different items.

It took me awhile to come up with everything but it didn't cost a penny! Plus I had fun coming up with silly things to use to symbolize different things to do with LOST.

I printed off the Oceanic logo and put them on plastic cups. Again, thinking they could use the cups from the plane.
Shells of course, had to be used since the whole show takes place on and island and the beach plays a big part.

For napkin rings used the same logo as the cups only much smaller. I thought that on most flights, the napkin rings were always paper so these worked just fine.

Pulling the centerpiece together was lots of fun. I had a business card from Sun.

A book with broken glasses taped together represents those used by Sawyer.

Of course all food items were covered with labels that looked like the ones on LOST. The Dharma Initiative food.

We had to have Hurley's winning lottery ticket.

Here is the ticket used by Lock to board flight 815.

Then, I got really silly and picked up one of the dog's toys. A squirrel. I thought it would be fun to see who got what this represents. Any idea?

If you said, the dead squirrel that Clair kept in her baby's crib, you would be right.

Then of course, there was the polar bear. I still don't understand how they came up the the idea of a polar bear on a tropical island. Do you?

So there you have it. A LOST theme tablescape, pulled together last minute. Full of laughs and hidden meanings.

I can't wait for the show to start. I have been lost this whole time so I'm looking forward to see how they pull it all together. Are you a fan?



Rach said...

What a fun theme!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sounds like you all had fun!!! I have not watched the show, so I don't understand the significance of everything, but it looked like a fun party. Love & blessings from NC!

Mrs Anne said...

You just THREW that together????
Dang girl, I'm SO impressed....

how FUN is that?!

Everything looks amazing... makes me wanna watch/celebrate with you and i dont even watch that show! :)

Margie said...

LOL! This is great! I have seen every single Lost and love it:) I wish I was watching the last one at your fun party! ~ Margie

Lauren Borquez said...

Love it! I did something similar check it out :)

The Decorative Dreamer said...

I am a lost fan so I totally get it! This is great! You really did alot of work on this. I bet you and your guests had a great evening! Love it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy belated birthday Joanne! I hope you had a really happy day!

I LOVE your LOST party --I never watched the show that often, but it was my daughter's absolute favorite and I can apppreciate the symbols you used from what she told me about the show. I hope you liked the finale!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne!! Wish we lived close..I would have crashed your party!! I was nuts about LOST..and am still kinda bummed over the ending (I was hopeful they would live happily ever after), however, it was handled beautifully. Your decor is wonderful!

Just watched the LAST episode of 24 tonight. I've been a fan of it since the beginning, too. The last show didn't disappoint me....full of action and Jack was still alive and on "the run" in the end...maybe a movie is in the future! :) Oh, well, I still have GLEE to look forward to! :) dana

Miss Janice said...

I must be the only person who did not watch the finale of Lost!!! So of course, I have no idea what all the items on your tablescape are about. However, it appears you were very resourceful in getting the stuff together without spending money!