Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yesterday, I went to Kohl's with my sister, Maureen. I picked up several things there.

First, I got this pretty tablecloth and napkins. They are the Food Network brand and seem to be a nice quality.

The original cost was $34.99 and it was on sale for $19.24. The napkins were normally $5.99 and on sale for $3.29 each.

So this set would regularly cost $58.95 and was on sale for $32.40. Not bad huh? But wait until you see what I actually paid. Read on.

Then, I saw these sandals. I thought they were cute and sort of reminding me of Brighton sandals.

Regular price for these are $44.99 and the sale price was $26.99. A good price for nice sandals I would say.

Yet, again, not what I paid.

I needed some red napkins, so, I got four. The regular cost is $3.99 but, they were on sale for $1.79.

I also got some rug tape. You know, the kind that keeps rugs from sliding around on wood floors.

This was more costly then I thought it would be at $12.99 normally. It was also on sale for $10.39 but still to high for me. So again, read on to see what I really paid.

Maureen also picked up a package of T-Shirts for her husband that were normally $26.00 but on sale for $18.20.

Normally all this stuff would have cost $158.89 but on sale it came to $95.14. I thought that was a great deal. Don't you?

However, my two sweet sisters had shopped at Kohl's last week and bought all kinds of fun stuff as they were having a super sale. Plus they had a deal going on that if you spent so much money you got free "Kohl's Cash" to spend this week.

Patty got $30.00 free Kohl's Cash to spend this week. Maureen got $50.00. Plus in our local newspaper was a coupon for $10.00 if you spend $20.00. Both, Maureen and I had those coupons.

Being such great sisters, they both gave me their "Kohl's Cash" as they had bought everything they already needed. Maureen, just wanted the package of T-Shirts.

Since we had two coupons for $10.00 we had to break our order down to two sales receipt.

The first one, we had to pay a big ZERO. We saved $96.92 off the regular cost.

The next receipt shows we saved $61.97 and had to pay ZERO. Plus we got $4.03 back to spend later.

So there you have it, $158.89 items on sale for $95.14 yet my out of pocket cost was a big ZERO. All these items were 100% free to me.

Talk about a good bargain! This is my kind of shopping.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What an awesome deal!! Free is the best and you got some great things. Love & blessings from NC!

Kathleen said...

OH MAN! That's the best!!!
Great shopping.
I like Kohls but it is an hour away..but when they have sales, they are good!

Tina Schiefer said...

Even better than free!!! Money back!!!!


Jen @ said...

Great finds Joanne! I love Kohls - they have the BEST sales! Those sandals are so cute!


Charmingdesigns said...

oh wow, I just went to Kohls and the gal in front of me got a great deal too, I was wondering how that all worked. I'm in La Verne now, not to far away. I would love to meet up with you once we get settle in.