Saturday, January 23, 2010


I walked into my bedroom and found this! Poor Zeke, he is so cold and just hates winter. He can't wait for the long warm days of Summer.

He is all snuggled up in "his" blanket. Normally I find him crawled under my covers but since his blanket was on my bed he found the perfect spot to get cozy and warm.

After giving me the "get out I'm tired" look, Zeke gave a big sigh and then drifted off to sleep. Not a care in the world.
Good night Zeke. Sweet dreams big boy!



Donna said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is he all snuggled up in his blankie! All little critters should have it so good!! They've been playing the tape back here of the doggie who got rescued by helicopter out in your area. I'm so glad he's now warm and dry in a shelter. Sounds like a lot of people are interested in adopting him if nobody claims him... Donna

Rach said...

So cute! Pets are so fun.

Nancy said...

OH, he makes me want to get another dog so badly....Hubby, not so much! He sure is a cute little guy and love how he is all snuggled in. Cute pic!

Jennifer said...

what is Zeke? He looks sort of rat-terrierish. I have two chihuahuas and they always like to cozy up under the blankets. They consider my bed pillows their own personal little sleeping pads. I love them but have no desire to spend all night with my face smushed into the same spots their little butts were all day, so I always have to remove some of the pillows from the bed in the AM, so I will have a fresh place to rest my head at night.