Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I finally found the milk glass items I had been looking for. Though in my mind, they were drinking glasses and these clearly are not.

I was going to use these for my Valentine's Day table but now I'm not sure. Though I do love them and think they would be pretty with maybe some sorbet or pudding or for Valentine's Day I could put some cut up pound cake and fresh strawberries topped off with some fresh whipped cream.

I love the ruffled tops. They are nice and heavy too.

The bottoms give them that vintage look that I adore. When I purchased these from an antique store the lady told me they were from the late 1930's.

As is normal with milk glass, they are opaque when light shines through them.

They look like they have a crack in them but they don't. You can't see the lines in person, only in the photos. Strange!

I think they would be perfect to use for holding a sundae in them during the summer. Oh there I go, thinking ahead and not enjoyment the moment I'm in.

I think I'm happy these turned out not to be what I thought they were. These can be used for so many more things then if they were drinking glasses.

They are now washed up, put away in my china hutch and safe and sound where they belong.



Rach said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking! Ice Cream Sundae!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

These are so lovely Joanne! And I think they would actually be a fun "unexpected" drinking cup...with a straw added (and cute flag or ribbon detail).
Of course they are also super for holding a tight flower arrangement. Just trying to think outside the box! :)