Sunday, May 3, 2009


I've been working on my Family Tree and just found out that I have family who fought in the Revolutionary War.

When I found that my ancestor, Peter Dumm who was born on Sept 27, 1754 and died on April 20,1837, was actually in the war I was very excited.

To think that one of my own ancestors fought for our freedom makes me feel very proud.

I was thrilled when I found out some of my family had been in the Civil War but this is even more exciting to me.

I also found several family members who came over to the USA from other countries. So now, when I go to New York I have several names to look for when I visit Ellis Island.

I love doing this research. It's so fun when you finally stumble across some new information. Though at times it can be frustrating when you keep hitting dead ends.

Have any of you found family members that were also in the Revolutionary War? If so, maybe our family members fought together. After all, it really is a small world.



Glenda said...

I used for awhile and found several distant relatives.

I did find out that I am related to Davey Crockett, on my mothers side. That my uncle told me when he did an extensive search years ago, along with Benjamin Franklin as a distant relative too on my Grandmothers side. Who knew ????


Tracey said...

Good Morning Joanne.. wow what a wonderful surprise to find a family member in the Revoloution. I'm a newer American. My father was the first one born here in the United States. My grandfather came through Ellis Island when he was 14 from Wales. My grandmother was a recent immigrant too and on my mother's side,,they all were in Canada and came here I think during WWI...keep looking, who knows what you'll find.

Debbie said...

My mother in law has done my husbands entire family on both sides as far back as you can go. She is somewhat of an expert on geneaology now. She loves it! There are 3" thick notebooks all over her house in bookcases and she has enumerous files on her computer and discs. She does it in kind of a scrapbooking style. The notebooks have photographs of loved ones but also places and historical events...etc. Her work is amazing and the connections she has made are too. She found a family member way back that was murdered and she wrote a story about him. That has it's own notebook and it leaves the author guessing who may have done it. The family member was a Maine wildlife and fishing guide. That's great that you are interested in searching out your family members. She has a blog on my site, it is GeeGeesGraffiti.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Joanne..
You sound so excited about your discovery! Yes, it is a nice feeling. I also have a relative that fought. I am lucky enough to have a picture of him and even of his tombstone. Very old but it's nice.
I had to laugh because he looks so much like my mothers brother that you would almost think it was him. Yep..small world.

I remember in highschool..there was a club..DAR I believe..and it was made up of girls who claimed to have relatives..not sure what the requirements were to prove their status..but I recall wishing I had someone ...and much later in life when a great uncle sent my mother all the information he had on our family history..there he was. By then it was just interesting.
It is a nice bit of family history for you to have. I also have people that arrived at Ellis Island. Turners from Ireland. You will have tons of fun going there and looking for your family members. :)
Congratualtions on your new find! :):)

Allidink said...

I looove genealogy. My dad has been doing the work for our family for years. I have ancestors that have fought in every war this country has had, and even one that came over on the Mayflower. In the Civil War I have family that fought on both sides. He traced us all the way back to Europe and William the Conqueror and farther in history. Couldn't believe it. It's so much fun. We did this thing too where you swab your cheek for DNA and send it to this company. Then if anyone else that has done the same is related to you they will notify you and they send you information about where some of your ancestors are from based on your DNA. Like apparently I have ancestors from Eastern Europe which none of us knew. Probably from my mom's side because we're Sicilian. It's crazy what you find out!

LaVon Baker said...

My grandfather's family on my mother's side came through Ellis Island from Italy. When check out your ancestors at Ellis Island, you can obtain a certificate documenting that fact. It's a nice thing to have. My great-aunt got copies for all of us.