Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Many of you have been to Disneyland here in CA. However, there are several of you who have never been to California Adventure. So I thought it may be fun for you to see what it's like there.

I went with Maureen and Trinity on Memorial Day. We had a lot of fun, even though it was pretty crowded.

But, come along with me and I'll show you around.

Like Disneyland, California Adventure has different areas in the park. Our first stop was to The Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

This is the main street you walk down to get to the rides and attractions. Often they have street performers out here but they didn't on Memorial Day. Guess they figured they would have to many people walking the streets.

Our first stop was at the Muppet's 3D Vision. This is a wild 3D movie with action that takes place, not only on the screen but also in front of you, the sides, on top of you and even the live orchestra joins in on the fun.

Here is Trinity all ready with her special 3D glasses on.

Before the show starts, you have to wait in this area. There are TV screens on showing different Muppet things.

We lucked out because we only had a 1 minute 22 second wait. Then the doors to the theater opened and we got to walk in and sit down.

This is a shot of the people in back of me. It reminds me of the pictures you see from back in the 50's when 3D movies first came out.

The 3D shows have gotten so much better since then. This one had to be one of the best ones I've ever seen. I was really impressed by this one.

After the show was over we went to the Monsters Inc. ride.

I had never been on this so I was looking forward to it.

There was a fairly long line for this ride. We were first outside and then the line went inside. Once you are inside it's not so bad as there are things to look at along the way.

Like this vending machine and the large items the "Monsters" eat and drink.

When you are finally ready to get on the ride you hop on a yellow taxi cab. This is Trinity waiting to go on her voyage.

The story is, a little girl, a "human" little girl, gets lost and the Monsters are trying to find her.

I never saw the movie so I can't say but it sounds like it may fit in with what the movie was about.

This is one of the many Monsters you see.

This is Trinity and me after the ride was over. You can tell by our smiles we enjoyed it.

This is the Hyperion Theater. Right now they have a live stage show of Aladdin.

We didn't go see this as the wait was to long. However, I have gone several times in the past and it's well worth the wait if you have never seen it before.

Lots of pretty costumes, fun songs and dance and several laughs.

Oh look! Pluto was there walking around. He must like to go there to go on the rides too. Normally you find him across the way at Disneyland. It was a nice surprise running into him over at California Adventures.

The next ride we went on was Tower of Terror! It's my favorite ride at California.

But, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see that and the other fun we had.

I didn't want this post to be to long so I'm breaking it up in two parts.
Hope you come back tomorrow to see the rest of the fun.


Tara said...

Looks like a blast! Who had more fun, you or Trinity, LOL?!

Allidink said...

Oh I love that Aladdin show! I went to Disneyland on Tuesday! LOL. It wasn't too crowded. I took my friend for her birthday she had never been to Disneyland before because she moved here from Europe and hasn't lived here too long. Of course she loved it LOL. Everyone loves Disneyland!

All the best,

Unknown said...

My husband and daughter work at Disneyland...so I go a couple of times a year. I have a pass but I won't go there in the summer. It's too crowded. Don was over in CA Adventure but just transferred back about a month ago.
Did you go on A Bug's Life? That one was fun for kids.
Hugs, Susan

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
Looks like you are having a great time. Brings back lots of memories for me. I love Disney so much.

Harbor Hon said...

I've been to DisneyWorld in Florida, but never to the one in California. Looks even more fun and you got to share it through the eyes of a child. But, then again, we're all children at heart when we're at Disney, aren't we? :) Glad you got to see Monsters, Inc. You'd love the movie. I was smitten the first time I saw it too. xxoo