Monday, May 4, 2009


We all know how important it is to brush our teeth and go get a professional cleaning done at the dentist twice a year.

But, did you know your dogs and cats also need to have their teeth cleaned?

Today I took my two dogs to the vet to have their teeth cleaned.

My boy Elton is almost 6 years old, other then getting his teeth brushed a few times when I took him to get groomed, I've never had his teeth cleaned. I'm such a bad mommy!

Look at how yucky his teeth looked. The back looked really bad!

Thankfully, he didn't have any major dental problems and his teeth cleaned up perfectly.

I was told he did really good. He didn't even try to bite them while they stuck their hands into his mouth.

It only took about 20 minutes and they didn't have to give him any type of medication or put him under. But, if he had major tarter build up or any other major dental problems, they would have had to.

The reason it's so important for your dogs and cats to get their teeth cleaned is because when you don't, not only can their teeth rot out and fall out, they can also get bacteria in their mouth and it can go to their heart and kill them.

I love my dogs as if they are my children. So, when I found that out I decided I'm going to take them in monthly or at least every other month to get their teeth cleaned.

Not only is it cheaper to do that but it is also healthier for them.

I want my dogs around for as long as I can have them. As I'm sure you do yours.

So, if you have not done so, pick up the phone and call your vet to make an appointment to have your fur babies teeth cleaned. You'll be happy you did. Your dogs and/or cats will be happy too.


Glenda said...

My babies get theirs done by the groomer, a former Vet tech. She's really good and gentle to them. And their teeth look marvelous !


Michelle said...

You take wonderful care of your fur babies! I am so conscious of what goes on with my kids. You might think I'm nuts but I was singing to Mocha this morning and I swear it made her feel better. :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I have 6 dogs and love every one of them. They get treated like kids too.
We have two little dogs inside and the big dogs are outside. We have big dog houses for them and they are such sweet dogs..

I am glad you treat you treat yours so good. I love people who treat their animals good.

xoxo Nita <3

Mumzie said...

Oh dear, I don't brush my pupster's teeth. I just give them those teeth/breath bones to chew on. Buddy is due for his shots, so I'm going to talk to their doctor about this. Thanks, Mumzie