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I was going to make my California Adventure story in two parts. However, I have now decided to make it in three parts so I can give you more information on the Tower of Terror.

If you have never been on this ride I hope you find this interesting. If you have been on the ride, maybe you didn't know about all the things I'm going to tell you in this post.

Come along with me, let's hurry, there are no lines so we can get right on!

The Tower of Terror is located in the back corner of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

Normally the lines are long but if you go there when you first get to the park you can get a Fast Pass Ticket. That will allow you to go back at the given time and get in a much shorter line.

This is one ride that I don't mind waiting in line for as there is more to see then you realize. Once you know the secrets I'm going to tell you.

The legend says this Hotel was first opened in 1928. It was a beautiful Hotel with the style of the Hollywood bygone era.

Then, the Hotel was hit by lighting, causing all sorts of strange things to happen. This made the people inside leave quickly, never to speak about what happened again.

The Hotel was forced to close on Oct. 31, 1939.

On that night, five unlucky souls were in the elevator and disappeared, never to be heard from again.

You are standing in line because you have agreed to take the same journey they did as you try to find out what happened to them. You are one brave person!

Walking through the lobby you can see it appears as if many people were in there years ago. Only they left in a hurry, leaving all their belongings behind and never returned to get them.

Here you can see there were people playing cards and enjoying a drink when they left.

The lobby is very dusty. After all it has been 70 years since anyone has been in here. Plants have died. The magazines and news papers are from 1939. It is exactly as everyone left it back then.

This is one of the bellmen showing you that the elevator for the public is broken. He tells you that you can use the Service elevators but you have to go through the Library and then through the back of the Hotel where the staff only was allowed.

This is another view of the Lobby. Even the little girl left her beloved doll behind.

Luggage is left by the front desk check in area.

What in the world happened that would make everyone run out and leave without even taking their items with them?

Well, the story goes, things started to happen so quickly. Strange things, that made you feel as if you were in a Twilight Zone story.

I say we go through the Library to the back and get on the Service Elevators to try to find out the whole story.

Good, you came with me. This is the Library.

In here, if you look closely, you will find some items that reference the TV show the Twilight Zone.

Miniature Space Men ~ "The Invaders" starring Agnes Moorhead as a woman beset by tiny creatures that turn out to be the crew of a spaceship from Earth.

The Mystic Seer ~ "Nick of Time" in a road side dinner a fortune telling machine torments Don (William Shatner) and Pat Carter (Patricia Breslin).

Before you entered the Library if you noticed there were two glass front display cases. In there you will find...

A gold thimble ~ "The After Hours" starring Anne Francis as a lady who forgot she was not Human but rather a store mannequin.

A broken stop watch ~ "A Kind of Stop Watch" about a watch that could actually stop time.

While you are in the Library, be sure to pay attention to the TV. As you will be shown a clip that will explain what happened that night in 1939.

You will then be guided out through a hidden door that will take you to the back parts of the Hotel. The place where guests were never allowed, only the staff.

As you walk in this area, you will find a Store Front Window of Modern Wonders. Here you will find a box camera from "A Most Unusual Camera" about a camera that takes pictures of the Future.

As you wind your way through the area keep an eye open for other Twilight Zone references.

Like, a white chalk marks on a wall in the boiler room. This is from "Little Girl Lost". These markings indicate the doorway into another dimension.

OK, it looks like we have finally found the Service Elevators. Notice it goes up to the 12Th floor.

The doors open and one of the bellmen let you in. Boy, those bellmen all look so pale. They could use a little sun.

Once everyone is in, the bellman welcomes you to the Hotel. Then advises you will be sent straight to your floor...the 13Th floor.

What! There is no 13Th floor!!!

With that, the doors close and you are off on your journey.

Now I will not spoil it for those of you who have never been on this adventure before. Those of you who have, well you know what waits ahead.

What I will tell you is, I love this ride! It's by far my favorite ride in California Adventure and makes it worth going to even if you only go on this ride.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
I can't thank you enough for this post. I could NEVER go on this ride as ordinary elevators make me feel ill! It was great to actually see inside the hotel and hear the story as I had always been curious but never brave enough to go in. Please can you continue the post (only for those who want to know what happens next)??!!! Pleeeease?

Allidink said...

Scarrry! I love this ride but my stomach always drops! lol. I love looking at the lobby too it's so fun :) I want Disney people to decorate my house LOL.

All the best,

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Have not been on the Tower of Terror, but I hear it is awesome! Your pictures were great. Have a nice weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I love tower of Terror too! I'm not a Twilight Zone freak like my husband but I can appreciate the set up.

I was Sheridan's first time last year (because she was fianlly tall enough) and she loved it too. She was a bit freaked out at first but after the ride, she wanted to go on it again.

Thanks for sharing!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I really need to read my post and check for spelling errors-Sheesh!

I AM educated. I just type too fast!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

We loved that ride. While I am unable to ride it now a days, I remember when it opened and how my then 4 year old accompanied me for the ride....Weeeeeeee!

Unknown said...

You are a brave girl! I've heard this is pretty scarey!

Anonymous said...

Flash KILLS the lighting effects the Imagineers are trying to achieve. Turn of the flash next time and shoot in a higher ISO. You'll notice the difference!