Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My friend, Sandra, has been telling about this store, Powell's, that is near her, that is full of every kind of candy you can think of. So she finally took me there.

Wow! I now understand what that saying "Like a kid in a candy store" means.

You don't know where to look first. Yet, it doesn't really matter because everywhere you look you see candy, candy and more candy.

If you don't find your favorite candy in this store then I don't think you can find it anywhere!

There were baskets of loose candy. Remember the penny candy from when you were a kid? Well it's like that...only it's more then a penny now.

A whole row of nothing but PEZ candy! Did you know they have sour PEZ and chocolate PEZ? I didn't.

If you love bubble gum then you will be in heaven here. They have every color and flavor you can think of.

For those who would rather have the more expensive hand made fine chocolates, you will have plenty to choose from at the chocolate counter.

Hmmm, I should have picked up a few of these for when I have those long hot nights. Oh the joys of getting older.

I found every candy from my childhood that I thought they stopped making. Well, with the exception of one. There was one, I remember, called 7UP. It was chocolate with 7 different flavors. One in each of the little chocolate squares.

Turns out the soda company bought out the company way back when. They wanted the name 7Up and they didn't want to be in the candy business so they stopped production of the candy bar and used the name for their soda instead.

Remember the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The children were excited to get a Willy Wonka bar and trying to win a Golden Ticket?

Well they have the Wonka Bars and they even put Golden Tickets in some. If you win do you want to know what you would get?

It's a years worth of candy from the store! WOW! Wouldn't that be fun.

M&M's in every color. No more hunting for your favorite color or wishing you had M&M's in any other color. Now you can pick which color you want.

Cupcake mints. I was thinking about getting these and seeing how they stood up against the cupcakes I was doing the taste test on. But then I thought again and decided to leave them behind.

Icing flavored mints didn't sound to good to me.

OK now I've seen it all. You can have your chocolate and boyfriend too! Or for those of you with a little vindictive side...a chocolate Voodoo doll.

This shop was a lot of fun. Walking around and getting to relive memories of days gone by, seeing so many different things I've never seen before. I'll be going back for sure.

Now here is something that will really shock you...I left without buying one item. I know...I must have been sick or something.



Nancy said...

OK, YOU HAD TO HAVE BEEN SUFFERING FROM SOME BRAIN MALFUNCTION! In that yummy store and you didn't buy a thing!!! Not even one little piece of chocolate???? I just read your post and looked at the pictures and I HAD to go get myself a candy bar! I think you need to go back and reconsider. LOL!

Jen @ said...

How fun! I love all of that old fashioned candy. I wish I could stop by!


Allidink said...

Hey did you go to the one in Laguna Niguel? haha I always go there. You have to try the gelato! It is amazing! In fall they have pumpkin gelato omgsh the best thing ever. But just try any of the flavors!

All the best,

Harbor Hon said...

Hey! Thanks for the tour! That was very enjoyable and I saw lots of stuff I haven't seen in quite a while. I wouldn't have been able to get out the door without getting something. Maybe a 'zero' bar as they were my favorite. xxoo

Elizabeth and Gary said...

What a great store and what a fun day you had. You really didn't buy anything (what will power)I would have given in to the pez for my grandkids and the M&M's for me.
Great post.
Enjoy your day,
Elizabeth said...

OK, now I am hungry and want a Wanka bar. With a golden ticket in it, of course...

Kim Caro said...

cupcake mints mmm.