Thursday, September 25, 2008


There are so many different colors and kinds of roses. The list seems endless. Each one as beautiful as the next.

Now days when we get a bunch of roses we just think they look and often smell wonderful. But, did you know roses, as well as all flowers, have a language of their own?

That's right they do. So I thought I would share with you a bit on the language of roses.

Rose (general)(Red) - Love ; I love you
Rose( white) - Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
Rose(pink) - Perfect happiness; please believe me
Rose(Yellow) - Friendship ; jealousy; try to care
Rose(Black) -Death
Rose(red and white) - Together; unity
Rose(thorn less) - Love at first sight
Rose( single, full bloom) - I love you; I still love you
Rose bud - Beauty and youth ; a heart innocent of love
Rose bud(red) - Pure and lovely
Rose bud(white) - Girlhood
Rosebud (moss) - Confessions of love
Roses(Bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude
Roses( Garland or crown of) - Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of superior merit
Roses ( musk cluster) - Charming
Rose(tea) - I'll always remember
Rose(cabbage) - Ambassador of love
Rose(Christmas) - Tranquilize my anxiety; anxiety
Rose(damask) - Brilliant complexion
Rose(dark crimson) - Mourning
Rose(hibiscus) - Delicate beauty
Rose leaf - You may hope

So ladies, the next time you receive a bouquet of roses read what they say to you. Also, be careful about the roses you give to others. You never know if they speak the language of roses and you could be saying something you never meant to say.

Oh roses.... to me, they are lovely and I love them all. No matter what they say.



Pearl said...

Hi Joanne... What a beautiful way to begin my day... Roses! Love the photos and colors. I've always been intrigued with the Language of Roses. How romantic and often dramatic it must have been back in the day when this truly had meaning! So much nicer than a telegram! I think I'll print this post and place it next to our calendar... just in case! ~hopeful smile~

Thanks for the info on the Tea Society... wish they had something like that around here. So glad you enjoyed reading a lil history about Jack O' Lanterns... interesting, wasn't it?! Hope your day is filled with roses... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Catherine said...

Thank you so much for that rose tutorial and the great pictures. I learned alot. Very enjoyable.

Lindsay-ann said...

I loved reading about the language of roses Joanne. The pictures are really beautiful. Thanks so much.

Missy Wertz said...

Thank you Joanne. I love roses. Like you, I will take them any way. :D I think this is a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing.

Glenda said...

Hey there

I knew some of this, but now I've furthered my education.

I love them in all colors. I give them to myself mostly so I send a lot of mixed messages.


Pearl said...

Hi Joanne... Just wanted to invite you to visit and pick up an award that I have for you! Hope all's well in your pretty world... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I love the language of flowers concept. You'd have to be so careful if you were a florist in Victorian times to send the "right message"! Every single item has meanings and combinations would have unique meanings too. Very complicated stuff.
That sounds so fun to be part of a Victorian Tea Society. Be sure to take you "Victorian camera" with you so we can take a peek at the teas you attend! Those dresses are so beautiful. Are there places in Ca that sell costuming apparel for period dress or do you have to have one made? There are so many historical patterns available now. I'm going to try my hand at making a Renaissance costume to wear to the festival, if not this year next year.
I'm feeling a bit better, hooray!! Seeing a rhumatologist but not til Nov.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Sherry

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Joanne, Love the pictures of the roses and you taught me alot about roses!
Love, Ann

emily said...

Pretty pictures of the roses! Thanks for sharing all the meaning of the roses! They are one of the most beautiful flowers, I love using them in my work.

Diana Lyn said...

Love those roses, thanks for sharing the meanings. We had a great time and are Sooooooooooooo proud of our New Navy CHIEF SON!
The Navy is lucky to have him, What a hard worker,hig achiever he is! Have a wonderful day! Diana XO

Unknown said...

I love roses! Thanks for sharing the list of their meanings!