Saturday, July 10, 2010


While I was in Vegas I couldn't help but pull over to stop and check out one of the thrift stores we passed. I wanted to stop at all of them but I couldn't talk my sister into it.

I was happy I did stop though because I found some treasures to take home with me.

Like this cute plate with the King of Spades on it. It would be perfect for little sandwiches, cookies or cheese and crackers.

Then I saw this darling set of little plates. I couldn't pass these ups. They were brand new in the box and never used.

I'm sure people in Vegas get little gifts all the time that deal with cards, gambling and Vegas and they just send them to the thrift stores. But, for us visitors they are super finds at the thrift stores.

These red plates are in the shape of the diamond and heart.

The other two are the black Clubs and Spades.

I see a Tablescape in the making here. A card theme, Vegas theme or perhaps even a Bunco theme.

My heart was pounding so fast when I picked these beauties up. At first I thought they would be great to go with the card theme. Since I already saw the black, white and red colors being used these black candlesticks would be great.

But, when I actually held them and looked at them I noticed these were not just any black glass candlesticks. No way.

These were actually Black Depression glass. You can't tell in this picture but they almost look like a deep dark purple when held up to the light.

I have never found any black depression glass at the thrift stores before! I was so excited.

Plus, they were marked down to only 75 cents each!

I looked around waiting for someone to grab them from me to say "Oh no, those were marked wrong" but, they didn't.

I have lots of plans for these treasures. Perfect for Halloween and lots of different Tablescapes. Also, they will have a place in my china hutch with my other depression glass.

Walking down a bit further, I spotted this wonderful milk glass candy dish. Again, my heart skipped a beat. I love milk glass!

Most of the time the thrift stores near me will only have a vase or small plate. Even then, the prices have gone up so much that I often leave them behind.

Not this puppy. It was in perfect condition, no chips or cracks and was only 50 cents.

So, while I didn't win any money in Vegas, I feel like I hit the jackpot at the thrift store. I left there very happy and spent much less then if I spent that time in the store on the slot machines.

I've never gone to the thrift stores while I'm a vacation or get away. I think I will be doing so from now on.

What about you? Do you stop at the thrift stores when you are vacation? If so, what treasures have you found?



Rach said...

Good finds!

Lorilee said...

Wow, you really hit the jackpot at that thrift store. I love the black candlesticks. You are right, great for Bunco or Halloween!