Thursday, July 29, 2010


Fried Twinkies, fried White Castles, fried Zucchini, fried Frog Legs, Fried Oreos and everything else that is fried can now be found in one location here in Orange County CA.

That's right! It's time for the Orange County Fair. For the next few weeks, adults and kids of all ages will find there way over to the Fair grounds searching for the newest rides, food and fun.

I went yesterday. It was such a beautiful day out. Normally it's so hot during the time the Fair is in town. This year it is like heaven. We have perfect weather. Sun shining but not hot. In the mid 70's.

There are days you can get into the Fair for free. Like yesterday, when I went, if you brought a new children's book you not only got into the Fair for free but, you got a free ride and two tickets to today's concert at the Fair and two tickets into the fair today.

This is the newest ride at the Fair this year. It was full the whole time we were there. People love to ride overhead and look down on the whole fair.

I would have liked to have gone on here but as soon as we walked in we gave our free ride tickets to some kids. We thought they would enjoy the rides more then we would.

Everywhere we looked the rides were full and lines were formed waiting for turns to ride.

I used to love getting spun around as a kid, not so much any more. Sure hope these people rode the rides before they ate.

I love all the colors at the Fair. Like this big slide. What color lane would you ride in?

The Fair is also fun to go walk around and see all the crafts and ribbon winners. Here is this years Blue Ribbon Cake.

This photo does not do this piece justice. It was so detailed and pretty. Do you know what it is made from? Bread!

Another piece made from bread. How do they do it? I've never seen anything like it.

I thought this piece was made from butter but, it's all white chocolate.

I would love to learn carve pretty flowers and things from melons. I wonder where I could find a class to teach me.

All the jams and jellies made me wish I had entered my strawberry jam that a made a few weeks ago. Maybe next year.

All this looking at food made us hungry so went to search out places for something to eat.

There were so many places to eat that it made it hard to decide what we really wanted.

I was thrilled to find this lady here again. I love love love her Key Lime cupcakes. I was going to buy one and take home to enjoy later while watching TV.

However, I was to full when we left that I didn't go back. Good thing. I don't need it.

I was tempted to try the Fried Klondike bar but I settled on just looking at them and not eating them. Have you ever had any of these Fair fried foods? If so, are they really good?

There is nothing as refreshing as a nice big cold glass of fresh squeezed Lemon Aid on a hot day.

I got some of the yummy grilled corn. Even though it cost $4.50 an ear, it was worth every penny. I just love the corn at the Fair.

I didn't spot the grilled veggies until after I was full but I would have loved one of these.

They also had some of the best looking fruit I've seen. A great alternative if you don't want all the fried food. Plus it was only $1.00 each. Best price a the Fair.

After all the walking around this may be the best spot for anyone to relax. Free foot massage. Get refreshed and you will be ready to continue on for hours of more fun.

Tomorrow I'll show you my favorite spots at the Fair.



Rach said...

Looks and sounds so awesome! That food art is pretty neat. Enjoy!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I wish I went to the fair with you Joanne! I haven't been to a country fair in years and years. I love the shaped breads and sculptured melons. Such beautiful dible artwork.

I always ride thw merry-go-round...I've always loved them.

bj said...

This is a wonderful post. I LOVE FAIRS. They bring the little girl out in me and I want to eat cotton candy, fried corn, candy apples, and on and on. :)
I am so glad you had a great time. Our fair is in Sept. and I can hardly wait. I go with grandkids and they make it all the more fun!!
hugs, bj

xinex said...

Wow! This looks like so much fun. Those hand carved foods are amazing!...Christine

Bring Pretty Back said...

A deep fried klondike bar!? I have never heard of that one ! But... oh it sounds delish! Good choice to pass it up~ it would have been hard for me though.
Have a prettyday!

Mary Liz Gallery said...

Speaking of fair food, have you tried the elephant ear? Those are pretty yummy.