Sunday, July 25, 2010


Did you? Did you watch MADMEN? I'm so happy it's back on. It seems like it has been gone forever.

I was a little bit confused at first. So much has changed since we have been away. Betty is already remarried. Wow!

I love the story line. I love the people on the show. But, what I really love is seeing how things were back in "those" days.

Things are so different now. Something I think is much better. Thank goodness we don't allow smoking everywhere like back then. Even in hospitals and Dr. Offices. What were they thinking?

Yet, I do think it would make work a little more fun if we were allowed to still drink on company time. Of course, I'm joking...sort of.

I love the clothes and hair on the women. Oh heck, there isn't anything about the show that I don't love.

I even turned myself into a MADMEN lady in the photo above. You can do the same thing if you want by clicking here. If you do, be sure to post it so we can all see what you would look like as a lady of the 60's.


whitem90 said...

Yes, I watched it and loved it!! Can't wait until next week.


Kathleen said...

I have never seen it! I must look it up!
Did you watch the QVC Christmas in July special??