Saturday, August 22, 2009


Who wants to be a rock star? Well, Disney has discovered that apparently a lot of young people do.

In fact, so many young, want to be stars, are out there that Disney has opened a store in Downtown Disneyland to make that dream come true. At least for a day.

The store is called Disney Studio 365.

Come on, let's go inside and take a look around.

At first glance it looks like a normal cute store that sells Disney items.

But, the more you look around, the more you notice, it's not "just" a store.

The dressing rooms look like something a Rock Star Diva may have. Even a plush chase lounge covered in cheetah print is in there.

There are also lots of outfits worn by the real Disney Rock Stars. Like The Jonas Brothers.

Dresses worn by Hannah Montana.

All the great accessories, for any young Rock Star to be, can be found here. Things like sun glasses.

Hair extensions.

Stuff to make your lips nice and soft.

Jewelery that is perfect for a concert or even a day at Disneyland.

Of course, lots and lots of clothes.

So, has this made you want to be a Rock Star?

It sure did Trinity. So she signed her "contract" and was whisked off to become the Rock Star she has dreamed of being.

First it was off to get her done. Of course, every Rock Star is pampered. She wouldn't dream of doing her own hair.

Besides, she must have the most up to the minute style. After all, her fans expect that of her.

One thing that comes along with the Diva Rock Star hair styles is a lot of hair spray. So they provide you with a darling mask to hold up so it doesn't spray in your face.

Then the make up girl comes out and applies just the perfect amount of make up.

This is when the fun of being a Rock Star really starts to show up. Everyone primping you, showering you with attention and making you beautiful!

Colorful hair extensions are added, a ratted up pony tail in the back and fairy dust to make the whole head glitter.

This is Trinity getting her first look at her new look.

They keep your back to the mirror until the big revile.

After the hair and make up is finished, you get a lesson in how to walk like a Diva and strike a pose when your fans request to take a picture.

Now we all know that one of the things a Rock Star must do is give interviews and it's not long until your first interview takes place.

Over the speakers it is announced that "The latest and greatest Rock Star" is in the store. Then questions are asked and answered before the Rock Star is quickly whisked away.

You see, it's time for the Rock Star's photo shoot.

Sure it looks like she is just standing in front of a blue screen but by the time the photos are finished that blue screen turns into wonderful looking back drops.

Oh the magic of Hollywood! Or should I say...Disney.

The first over the shoulder pose is practiced. Oh how lovely!

I think this one is going to make the front page of Teen magazine.

One of the pictures gets put on your "back stage pass" and can be used for your ID.

Oh my, even before we were able to leave the store the fans were asking for autographs.

Finally, we made it out of there. Away from the wild fans and on down to Disneyland for the day.

Disneyland is used to having lots of celebrities so no extra fuss was made and we were all able to enjoy the rest of the day.

Oh, I almost forgot, you get to take home your very own make up kit and the brush and comb they used to do your hair.

If you know of anyone who dreams of being a Rock Star this is the perfect place to make their dreams come true. After all that is one of Disney's specialties.



Cottage Rose said...

OH how beautiful she looks, I bet she had such a great time,, heck I would love it as well... what a great memory she has now...

Have a great weekend.


Lori said...

Oh how absolutely adorable!! Can big girls do it too??LOL Lori