Monday, August 17, 2009


Yes, you read right. I'm a loser and I'm proud of it. I lost another 2.2 lbs! It was my third weigh in at Weight Watchers and I'm down 11.6 lbs. I was thrilled.

I have not really even felt like I was on a diet these past weeks. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything.

I did get a pedometer. I got an Omron. Just like the one in the picture above.

I put it on first thing in the morning and don't take it off until I get ready for bed at night. I'm shooting for 10,000 steps a day. That's a lot when you don't work and get out to move, like me.

I found if I stay home I don't get many steps in at all. I have to actually make it a point to get out and get my numbers up there. Ten thousand steps is actually a lot. It's about 5 miles a day.

I have a feeling I'll be getting those in with no problems once I go to New York and also on my cruise. You do so much walking there, it should be easy.

I have discovered something about myself. I used to think my problem was just the lack of movement. I never thought I ate a lot. I've even had several people tell me I don't eat a lot.

Well, let me tell you. These past two weeks I have been watching everything I eat and I try to check on things before I eat them. I was shocked to find out just how much I really ate!

I went to Ruby's with my sister. We ordered the "light" meals. I got a veggie burger with a fruit salad rather then the fries. It came on a whole wheat bun, light mayonnaise and light cheese. Sounds like I did good huh?

Nope! After I figured it out that one veggie burger and cup of fruit was almost a whole days worth of calories. That was for the "Light" one too, not even the regular ones. WHAT!!!!

I almost fainted when I saw a regular burger, fries and a shake was over 3,000 calories! That is almost 3 days worth of calories!! The real kicker is that would have been just one meal for the day.

No wonder I'm fat! You don't have to eat a lot of food to have it be a lot of calories.

So be careful out there. Just because something says "light" does not mean it's low calories. It just means it's lighter then the regular one.

Also, check your labels. Low fat often means, extra sugar. So even though it's low fat, it's still high calorie.

Don't be fooled. Check and recheck those labels. Look up the nutritional value of the meal you plan on eating before you eat it.

Take time and do your home work and soon you too will find you are a loser also!



Traci said...

CONGRATS on your continuting weight loss!! I know isn't it shocking the amount of calories in some things you think are good for you! I went through that too when I was losing weight too. I couldn't believe what I ate before I started paying attention! Traci

jo said...

Congrats! That's a terrific loss!

Michelle said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! Oh my LORD! Okay, before I hyperventilate about the burger being 3000 calories congratulations on your weight loss! It's so hard to even just lose 10 lbs but you did great! Okay, now can I hyperventilate? I'm never eating a burger in a restaurant again! That's shocking! No wonder I can't lose weight. Lol! You know what I found helps? When my friends and I go out we split things. I mean it helps a little but STILL. Sheesh! :)

Glad you enjoyed my ghost post. I knew you would appreciate it. Say, how are you doing in your group? Didn't you join one?? I recall you did. :)



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Congrats Joanne!! I'm so proud of you!! That is an awesome accomplishment my friend. Lots of hard work but well worth it!

Big hugs, Sherry

Mumzie said...

Congratulations on another successful week. Wow! Your words of wisdom really hold true. I think I have the same problem, I'd better start counting those calories again. Keep up the good work! Mumzie :)

Glenda said...

WooooHoooo great job. I have the exact pedometer.

I have slacked off in my walking. I am a baaaddd wittle girrrrlllll.


Donna said...

Joanne - that is awesome! I should dig out my old WW pedometer and wear it. Like you, I work at home which doesn't make for a lot of walking. I also had a good weigh-in this week - down 4 lbs, now down over THIRTY - yipeee!!

Okay, I hate to break the news to you but it is OPPRESSIVE here in New England right now. The upside is you won't be here for a while yet, and in New England the weather can change on a dime. So that leaves plenty of time for refreshing, DRY air to arrive! Just be thankful you're not here right now - mid to high 90's and oh-so-humid... Donna

LaVon Baker said...

Be sure and watch this season of Biggest Loser starting 9/15 on NBC. Contestant, Abby Rike, is a friend of our family, graduated HS with my youngest daughter. She's the one who lost her whole family, husband, 5yr old daughter and 19 day old son in a head-on car wreck. She's amazing and we're so proud of her. She'll inspire us all.

Tracey said...

Joanne, first congratulatins!! Your doing great and I know you'll continue to do well. Thanks for the education on food. I think we all assume that "LIGHT" means good.. not always. I too continue to lose. Doing Zumba classes, eating better and walking at lunch instead of sitting.. much better. Continued success my friend!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You are such a GOOD girl! :) I lost and now am gaining it back..oh well..I had to eat. Right?
Hang in there. You will be so happy you did! :):)

A Southern Rose said...

You are doing great! You are right about the calories. I ordered a salad one day and it had more calories than a cheeseburger!

Furry Bottoms said...

Someone at work lent me her pedometer. I wore it for two weeks. The highest I went in one day was a little ocer 5000 steps. HOW on earth does anyone get up to 10000 steps on a normal day?!

Furry Bottoms said...

OH more more thing. CONGRATULATIONS!

Unknown said...

Wow! You are doing so great! You are right about checking everything you eat. It's so easy to go over points or calories.
Hugs, Susan