Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm so excited! I finally got an email saying I got one! I feel like I won the lottery.

What am I so excited about, you ask? What did I get?

I got my very own Big Apple Greeter. I had heard about this wonderful program where you can sign up to request a BAG.

What? You have never heard of them.

Well, it is a wonderful group of people who live in New York and volunteer to take visitors around to their favorite spots. They meet up with you and will spend up to 6hours showing you around all the places the locals know about.

They will take you anywhere you want to go. Show you how to take the subways, let you know the best places to eat and take you to places most tourist don't know about.

You have to request one months in advance and even then they don't guarantee you will have someone.

They do this all for free. No charge at all. You can't even tip your greeter. You can pay for their meal, if you have one. You can also donate to the Big Apple Greeter program. But, you don't have to if you don't want to.

I feel so blessed and honored to know that some stranger is willing to take time out of his day to show me around and make me feel welcomed.

I already called my greeter. His name is Martin and he is so nice. We will be meeting up at 10:30am this coming Monday. He told me to be ready to walk a lot.

Of course, that thrilled me. It fits right in with my plans to walk a lot and lose weight on this trip.

I can't wait! In just a few days I'll be in NEW YORK!



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh Joanne! You are going to LOVE NYC! And what a perfect way to see it. Your greeter will be such a big help to get you to the highlights. I met Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti and her hubby and they took us on an incredible walking tour. Their knowledge was invaluable!! I'll never forget my trip there and neither will you. We found people were really friendly & helpful in NYC. Such a perfect ending to our trip!

I'll be looking forward to see what you do & see!

Hugs, Sherry

Tracey said...

Oh Joanne, enjoy your trip. Try and get to Magnolia Bakery.. the cupcakes are wonderful!! I love New York,, the food, the sights, the food!! Have a great time!!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful trip!
Hugs, Susan

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, Joanne, I can't believe it's already here!! I hope you have the absolute best time!! How on earth do you find out about all these programs? That sounds like a wonderful way to visit the city!... Donna (who is hoping the humidity lifts before you arrive on the east coast!)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That sounds like an awesome thing to do! I know you will enjoy having your own personal greeter to show you around. That will be so much fun. Can't wait to hear about your NY trip! Love & blessings from NC!