Friday, August 7, 2009


Why give your gifts wrapped up in paper or gift bags, which will just be tossed away as soon as the gift is opened?

There are so many cute cloth bags now so why not wrap your gifts in them.

Like the one in the picture above.

Disney has even started to make them and they only cost $2.99. Not bad, seeing how gift wrap and/or gift bags cost more then that most times.

The Disney Store has them in several different styles as does the Disney Theme Parks.

Cloth bags can then be used to carry books, bring shopping with you or even pack a lunch for your kids or spouse to take to school or work.

Just remember, every little thing we do to help save the Earth is a step in the right direction.



Tracey said...

Joanne, love this idea! I use cloth bags all the time, but never thought of giving as a gift bag. I will from now on try and find unique and interesting ones to use instead of wrapping paper. Great idea and hope you are doing well! I'm still losing weight and things are going much better!!

icandy... said...

What a great idea, Joanne!

Happy day~ Christina

SandyQuilts said...

I have used wrapping paper or tissue for at least 8 yrs. I make my own gift bags for every occassion ... even gift envelopes.

A Southern Rose said...

I love this idea! Two gifts in one!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Hey Joanne!
I do this very thing. I was actually raised "green" and have even been known to gift someone while using "pillowcases" as my wrap :0)
If I do use paper, it's usually something I've saved. I'll even keep old tissue paper and reuse :0)
My kids "nana Maxine" gives the girls new "bags" during Christmas and inside she stuffs them with treats...this year it was bathrobes. You can imagine the size of the bags...perfect for school books for college :0)
P.S. I'll be driving by that home again next week. I'll see if I can get an address. I'm going to see if I can't speak with someone who lives there and casually bring up the question of "activity". Our resident here has been quiet for the past two weeks. I think it's time to start moving furniture again. She hates that! LOL! At least we think "it's" a "she".