Monday, June 29, 2009


I went to my Cake Club's meeting this weekend and we had some really nice demos. I thought I would show you the cupcake ideas we learned. I really loved them and I'm sure you will too.

Isn't this a wonderful idea for a bridal shower! You could make the dress to match the colors and style of the bridal parties dresses.

I also loved the idea of putting them on candle holders to serve them. Makes them even more special looking.

This is the type of pan used. But you could use any type you have really.

Here is one that was baked in more of an oval pan.

To make the top part you just pour melted white chocolate into a dress form sucker mold. You can find these on line if you Google dress form candy mold.

You stick the chocolate into the cupcake and then start to decorate your dress with fondant or you could even use buttercream icing.

Make ruffles and start at the bottom and work your up to the top. There is a ruffle cutter you can purchase to use with your fondant. There are also special ruffle tips you can buy to use with your buttercream icing.

The top can be made how you like. Give the dress a halter top, make it strapless or give it sleeves. Be creative and make it to match the bridesmaid's dresses.

I just love this idea. Decorate your cupcakes to look like they are flowers and then put them in a basket to present them in. Looks like a wonderful bouquet of flowers!

Or you can staple 5 oz Dixie cups together to make a cupcake bouquet. Do not bake in the Dixie cups. Just put baked cupcakes in them.

They now have luster dust spray colors. They look much better then this photo shows. It gives the icing a pearl like color to the cupcakes. They come in many colors.

Add a few cupcake picks to your bouquet and a banner and you are set to go. Put a ruffle around the bottom if you want to finish it off.

Everyone loves cupcakes and these are few new ways you can used them not only as your dessert but also as your table center pieces.

I'll show you how to do a Topsy Turvy cake tomorrow.

Sadly my ghost hunting tour didn't pan out. My sister, Maureen and I went and waited for about 45 mins but no one showed up. I'm sure we were in the right meeting spot.

Since no one showed up we were going to go to the park the group was going to go to. We thought we would conduct our own investigation. However, the park had a fence around the whole place with signs saying to KEEP OUT ~ DO NOT ENTER and other signs saying it wasn't going to be open until Aug 2009.

I'm not sure what happened as I have not heard back from the group leader.

The park we were going to go to is said to be haunted because a mother had killed her son there. I'm not sure if it's the son or the mother that is said to have been seen there.

Oh well, maybe next time!


Unknown said...

I LOVE that! Thanks for sharing that! What an awesome cake club you belong to! :)

Unknown said...

Very cleaver ideas! What a fun club too!

Lady Katherine said...

I really really enjoyed this post on the different cupcakes, just love them!

Leave a Legacy said...

This cupcakes look delicious. Now I'm hungry. I love cake.
I'm disappointed about the ghost hunting. This sounds so interesting to me.
Thanks for stopping by my "place".

Allidink said...

Those cupcake ideas are soooo cool! I like the dress one! Too bad about the ghosts!

All the best,

Tara said...

Cute! I love the dress form, it's lots of fun. It looks like the class would have been fun to go to also, do you take classes like this often? Is this how you learned to do your fabulous cakes?

Jen @ said...

Hi Joanne!

Thanks for the cupcake ideas! Those are so cute. My 4 year old would love the one with the girl's body. It could be a princess party one. Thanks so much!


A Southern Rose said...

These are the prettiest cupcakes that I have ever seen! They would have been perfect for my daughter's wedding back in 2002. She had 8 bridesmaids and that would have been a job making one for each of them! It would have been perfect thought! We made a bride cake. Remember the ones with the big skirt with the doll stuck out of the top!? It turned out pretty. I love your babyshower cupcakes too. I will have to remember that one!

Kelli said...

Where did you find your beautiful pink flower layout and how do you get layouts on your page? I can't find any information anywhere! Not that I want to copy you, but nothing in the instructions for using BlogHer tell you how. Can you please help? I love your blog by the way! Especially the one on Flavel house in Oregon.

Karen said...

Love the cupcakes. Do you have ant idea where to order the dress form sucker molds? I can't find any on google search. I would love to do those for my niece's
shower on April 24th. I really enjoy your blog!