Friday, June 12, 2009


Do you remember when I planted the bird cage I found at the thrift store? The plants inside have been growing like crazy.

I planted several different kinds of flowers in there. I used mostly moss but also some potting soil.

Everything was planted down at the bottom of the cage. Nothing on the sides or top.
Can you see the Pansies? I have never seen such long stems on Pansies. These Pansies go all the way to the top of the cage.

Also, the Lobela (not sure how you spell that) and more pansies are blooming outside the cage.

It looks so pretty with the whole cage full of flowers. I'm just shocked at how tall they got.

I saw a post over at An Enchanted Garden where she used bird baths as a pedestal for holding plants. They were so pretty.

So, I "borrowed" that idea and went out to Lowe's where I bought this pink and white plant.

I really like the way it looks there.

I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are. I know they are in the Lilly family. They are showing off right now, blooms everywhere.

In person the pops of purples and yellows are much brighter then this photo is showing.
The pink rose bush I bought last year is on it's 2ND bloom this year.

This rose bush just makes me smile every time I look at it. It's a special rose bush as it's my first rose bush I've ever owned.

Isn't it pretty?

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are either. They died off last year and I thought perhaps they were just a one season plant.

So it was exciting when it started to grow again and now the little purple flowers are starting to come up everywhere.

The Lavender and Petunias came back too. Again, they were a surprise as I didn't expect them to re-bloom this year.
I'm not sure what these are either. But I like them.

I always buy flowers and then I forget what the name of them are. Do you do that or are you the type that knows the name of every flower in your garden?

The Heather is also blooming. This plant grows like wild fire. We keep trimming it back but it just grows and grows.

The Gardenia flowers are sharring their wonderful smell with us right now.

At night you really can smell them. Yummmmm.

We really do need to plant some more flowers around. We are slowly getting the yards back to the pretty Spring gardens that we love.

Soon it will be BBQ time and the pool will be in use once again. So of course the yard needs to be as pretty as it can be.


Allidink said...

How nice! I love all your flowers! They look really nice in the birdcage. I love that idea too using the birdbath as a pedestal :)

All the best,

Catherine said...

It`s all beautiful!

Unknown said...

All these flower photos in your last two posts are just gorgeous! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your birdcage garden is exquisite...I love it. Thanks for sharing it again so we can see the progress. Thanks so much Joanne. I am going to try a hanging one on the patio...
Many hugs..

Donna said...

oh my gosh, Joanne - your bird cage planter is exploding with flowers! I just went back and looked at it when you first planted it... I think yours is about the prettiest birdcage I have ever seen!

Like you, I forget lots of what I plant in my yard. I try to put the little things in the ground (the plastic thingy's that come in the plants) but they invariably disappear.

Your garden is just gorgeous!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

SuZeQ said...

You did a spectacular job on the bird cage. I never would have thought to plant flowers in one. Enjoy it (before I come and remove it from your possession!)

...just kidding!

Glenda said...

Your cage turned out great. Mine too took off like wild fire.

I think your backyard looks beautiful. My gardenia, are taking their sweet time blooming.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!!! I love the birdbath idea. Very pretty! Love & blessings from NC!

Lorilee said...

The birdcage is beautiful. All of your flowers are beautiful. I just received a gardenia plant. It is still in the pot. I am anxious to get it planted in the ground.

Rhondi said...

You are so lucky to have lots of flowers blooming this time of year. The birdcage full of blooms is wonderful!