Thursday, June 11, 2009


The front yard where I live is in full bloom. We mostly have hydrangeas, agapanthus and roses.

The photo above shows one of the lace cap deep pink hydrangeas in the front.

We have 9 different hydrangea plants out front.

I love the way the bright purple agapanthus look next to the hydrangeas and against our pale yellow house.

The white ones are very pretty too. We have pink, white and purple flowers in the front.

This is one corner of our house. You can see a big pink hydrangea, some of the purple agapanthus and some very different white hydrangeas we have.

The hydrangeas in the corner of our house produces so many blooms. I just love it this time of year.

I remember as a kid, we had a big pink hydrangea plant in our front yard too. I used to pick the biggest blooms off and then pretend I was bride and it was my bouquet.

I think I first fell in love with hydrangeas way back then. Now I buy them all the time.

We often buy them and put them in our house to enjoy the blooms inside. Then once the flowers start to die off we plant it outside. It never fails, next year we have a new blooming hydrangea bush growing.

I told you we have a strange white hydrangea plant. Well, it's strange because it starts out with bright white blooms.

Did you know you can change the color of your hydrangea plant depending on what you put in the soil? That's right, you can turn your pinks to purples and purples to pink.

But whites will always stay white no matter what is in the soil. Or at least they say they do.

When we first planted this white one it was your normal white hydrangea. The blooms came every year. Nice pretty white blooms.
But now, they go from pure white to white with pink blotches in them. I've never seen this before. Have you?

I've read up about it. Or at least I tried and couldn't find anything that would cause this to happen.

So now, we have speckled hydrangeas.
Then next to that speckled one is another deep pink one. This year we have had huge blooms. The one on the left doesn't look that big in the picture but it's is giant. You can see what looks like smaller blooms on the bush with these large ones.

Those are normal size blooms. So the big ones are about 6 times bigger. I've never seen any this big before.

We must have something strange in the soil in this area for these strange things to happen.

The white rose bush is blooming and is very pretty out there.

I think the roses look so pretty next to the lace cap hydrangeas.

I think I need to get out front and start cutting some of those beautiful flowers and bring them inside. There is enough to have a big vase of flowers in every room.

Tomorrow I'll show you how the flowers in my back yard are doing. Wait until you see what is going on inside my bird cage garden.

So tell me, how are your flowers doing? I would love you to share them with me and post about them on your blog.


Allidink said...

Aw beautiful flowers! I wish I had my own garden I would plant hydrangeas! Ever since I started blogging I have just become in love with hydrangeas and gardening. Your flowers are so pretty! Those spotted ones are so interesting LOL. Maybe you could sell blooms of it on ebay for a lot of money because it's rare and like an inexplicable phenomenon LOL.

All the best,

Unknown said...

Just lovely! I too love hydrangeas and need to get at least one! I love your photos too, what photo editor do you use? I got the text change down but wasn't thrilled with it but thanks for helping me!

Connie said...

Our hydrangeas grew wild when we lived in Calif. near the coast. Here? Not so much in this desert, sugar, but they DO grow here. I absolutely love them especially for their hardiness. Yours are beautiful, chickee!!

Glenda said...

Beautiful, and my favorite flower the Hydrangeas. It's cheaper to pick them then to buy them.


Harbor Hon said...

Looks like some little busy bees have gone from your pinks and pollinated your whites. Never know, could be. I think they are so beautiful and have always loved hydrangeas. I hope to have a garden someday simply covered with them. Thanks for sharing yours. xxoo