Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What do you call them? A Merry Go Round or a Carousel? To me it doesn't really matter what you call them...I love them.

There is something so magical and child like that happens when you step onto a Merry Go Round.

It doesn't seem to matter if you go on one durning the day...

Or at night. They are special and almost like a time machine to me. You stand in line, wait your turn and then you get to get on and ride.

As you sit down, you see the lights, hear the music and then it happens. The "stage" starts to go round and round. You may be on a horse or some other animal.

Before you make it to your first complete circle the magic takes place. You are transformed into a kid again.

The above photo is that of an antique Carousel. A hand carved piece of art really.

In America, carousels have been around since the 1800's. I believe the first one known about was found in New York.

Now days, you can find big, brightly colored carousels.

Have you ever noticed that some go clockwise and some go counter clockwise? They do. I don't know why though.

We have all seen beautiful carousels with all sorts of animals to ride on. While they are wonderful and many to pick from, the horse has always been my favorite.

Give me a big white prancing horse and I'm in heaven. What would you like to ride on?

Some of the animals go up and down and some stay stationary. To me, it's not a real Merry Go Round ride unless my horse goes up and down.

Some even have benches for those who just want to sit and watch the others on the animals.

I happen to think this one above, is a super pretty bench and one would feel like they were in a horse drawn carriage riding in this. Almost like a Princess.

Can't you almost hear the music of the carousel calling to you, as you look at this photo?

The music is a big part on a carousel. It reminds me of laughter, smiles and having fun.

I don't often ride on a Merry Go Round any more. I don't know why? I guess it's because most people think of them as ride for children.

However, maybe they don't know, that no matter what our bodies look like, once we are on the ride we all become children again.

I think the next time I'm at Disneyland I'm going to make it a point to go on the Merry Go Round and once again step back in time. To a place where life was simple. A time where troubles didn't exist. To the magic of my childhood.

Anyone want to join me?


Elizabeth and Gary said...

I do love a merry go round! One of my favorites too. Funny story once when I was getting off the merry go round I tripped and sprained my ankle, funny part was I always ride the merry go round because they are safe and the other rides at amusement parks scare me. Fun post.
Enjoy your day,

Unknown said...

I love carousels!

Allidink said...

Aw every time I pass the carousel at Disneyland I want to ride but I feel silly LOL. I think I will next time too :)

All the best,

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Joanne; What great photos, I too love Merry Go Rounds, when we have our fair in the fall, I love to go and ride it. And I must have a horse to sit upon. And yes you do feel like a child again, I love it. thanks for sharing such lovely memories.....


Tina Schiefer said...

Joanne, I just finished reading your last couple of posts and here's a thought...

Wouldn't it be SO COOL if you could go to an old merry go round after hours with your new parabolic microphone and get to travel back in time and hear all the kids' laughter?

OOOOH! I get chills!

I just toured an old saw mill looking for treasure to recycle. I was there alone, in the shadows, with the wind blowing through the desolate spaces. Doors and windows creaking, hanging industrial light fixtures blowing in the breeze. TOO, TOO cool. I'll be posting some photos of the place on my blog next week. I've put up some of an old oil can, a pile of chains and some gears from the place.

Can't wait to hear stories of your findings......