Thursday, May 8, 2008


The other day I was reading Cindy's blog at Romantic Homes. She had found some pretty plates and a tea pot at Marshall's. So I went the next day to see if my local Marshall's had them too.

No luck. At least not with that pattern. But I did go to the clearance area and I found these three blue plates. I am going to hang them in my bedroom once I get it painted.

I also found this picture frame. Of course I will give it a coat of nice fresh white paint and it will darling.

I then went to Michaels to pick up a glue gun in order to finish my white button picture frame.

As I walked towards the back I passed their collection of Cottage items. I noticed everything was 1/2 off. Now we all love 1/2 off! I spotted this candle holder and I just had get it since it was only $9.99. Of course it will get the spray of white paint too.

I noticed in the photo the right top was pulling away. I'll use a little hot glue on it and then it will be good as new! Oh wait, it is new. It will be better then new.

Now that I have the glue gun I'll be working on the vintage button frame.

Maybe you will get to see that tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone.



Glenda said...

Well done you for your finds at Marshall's. I found somethings there the other day. I haven't had time yet to present them. Been painting my kitchen.

I will be putting your brothers card in the mail tomorrow. I hope his address or room hasn't changed.

Think about you and him every day.
God be with you.

Good luck on the Stallone cake.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love stores like Marshalls and Home Goods --there are always some treasures to fnd!

I did blog about Ground Zero --and a lot of other places in NYC, in March, Joanne --check my archives as I did another "tour" then too --my own tour, but I took a lot of photos.