Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well I do! I noticed that all around our house we have clocks to let us know.

There is a pretty clock on the side table. Just in case anyone wanted to know what time it was.

A clock in the other bedroom with an alarm to wake me up.

A clock in the dinning room so you know when it's time to eat.

An Elvis clock that swings his legs in the office lets me know how long I've been on the computer.

A cute little Brighton clock on the dresser lets you know how much time you have to get dressed.

The little heart clock in the bathroom will show you how long it takes to put on your makeup.

The clock on the fireplace mantel will be sure to let you know when it's time for your favorite TV show.

The other bathroom has a sweet little clock too.

Then of course if I'm outside I need to know what time it is also.

I never noticed how many clocks I have everywhere in my home. There are clocks on the phone that shows when someone called. Clocks on the DVD player and DVR that can be set to record a show. A clock on the oven and microwave that allows you to time how long to cook something. A clock on the computer that hides from me unless I click on it. Even a clock in the garage shows what time I get home.

I think I counted 16 clocks in our home. That's a lot seeing as how we just have a small three bedroom 1400 sq. foot home. Do we really need to know what time it is that often?

How many clocks do you have?

Well, it looks like the clocks are telling me I'm done with my blog post today so I will say good bye until tomorrow. But, be sure to set your clock to come back then.

My birthday is on the 22nd of this month and I thought I would be the one to give the present to you! I'll be having a birthday give away in addition to the give away I'm already having. I'll let you know what the give away is tomorrow. See you then!

Hugs to you all,


Willow said...

Oh my! I just checked. NO CLOCKS except the ones on the computers, cell phones. Oh wait. One alarm clock on The Professor's side of the bed. I seldom look at it because I forget it's there as he is the keeper of the alarm setting.

A business spinning dog hair. I'd do it if people paid me enough!

Glenda said...

Well Joanne it's time to tell you I have 21 clocks.
I like clocks even if they don't run. I like the older ones that have character. I have them as decor. I have one coming in the mail so that will make 22. Is there something wrong with me that I need so many of them ?


Anonymous said...

I did a posting a few moonths back about the clocks that live at my house...I love them, working or not
hugs, bj

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Joanne, I have only one thing to say... TIME IS TICKING AWAY!!! :)
Another giveaway? Really? I'm so excited! I'll be checking in with you tomorrow!
Hugs, Sherry

Anne Fannie said...

You can never have to many clocks! I love clocks too. I really like the vintage nightstand ones, I buy them on ebay and I put vintage jewels around the face....Oh, I think my craft room is calling me!
Where in So Cal do you live where you can have lots of birds and ducks laying eggs in your yard?? I am in Corona. There is not to many places left in So California that we can enjoy wildlife!

{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!I never thought about that! YUK! I have toooooooo many too!

M ^..^

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hello, What a great post ! I love antique clocks for decor, but do not like the constant sound of chimes. I think I have 6 that are not turned on and 6 that actually work. Keeps the company guessing!. That is pretty funny now that I actually think about it. I have about 6 watches too!

Karen at Ciderantiques

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

The only clocks I have are one alarm clock in the bedroom and the clocks on the appliances/computer/etc. No extra clocks. I don't wear a watch either. I worked at a newspaper for 25 years and had daily deadlines. After leaving the paper, I never wanted to wear a watch again...
Happy Sunday~

joyh82 said...

Great clocks, I especially like the little Brighton clock. I think we have about 7 clocks not counting those on the vcr's etc.

Kelly said...

Very cool blog Joanne! Thanks for stopping by mine. Clocks is one thing that I really need more of and never remember. I'm going to really have to keep my eye open.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

I have 7 clocks


LaVon Baker said...

Love your clock pics! We just purchased a new 5th wheel RV (we're full-timers)and there is no clock in our house, except the one in the bedroom with great big red numbers for us old, blind folks.:-)
It's on our list of things to purchase in the near future. Pray we can agree on where to place it.

SnipSnipChick said...

I'm late,I'm late,I'm late for a very important time to waste....I'm late I'm late I'm late
courtesty of the White Rabbit.
Same thing here tick tocks everywhere, AND I am still never on time.
XO Cindy
Hey Gene Please continue to heal and get stronger everyday.
Your "TIME" of strength is difinitely coming!!!

Michele said...

So many clocks....COOL clocks!! I've been looking for an old-fashioned silver small alarm clock forever now, and I've yet to find one that I love. You have lots of great clocks!


Donna Lynn said...

HI Joanne!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday and Gene is feeling better too!
Clocks...hummmmm...I have quite a few, 16 that I can count up just thinking about it, probably a lot more if I actually went room by room! Just like Penny, I don't wear a watch, and even with all the clocks usually don't pay attention to the time.

Bless you today,
Donna Lynn

maggie said...

I have seven clocks in my home but none of them are very special or old...just ordinary clocks but they do keep me on time...sometimes.

Hope your brother is feeling better and soon back home with his family.