Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Who doesn't like a party? I sure do. I love to plan for them, buy things to decorate with, make the food, invite the people and have fun!

So I thought I would show you a few of the parties I've had in the past.

My brother in law loves to golf so the theme for his birthday was of course golfing. With a green grass table cloth, golf balls all around, a straw that shows the wavy movement the balls make when hit by people like me and of course the take away gift at the place setting. In this case it was a box with golf balls all over and full of chocolate. You can't really see it but in the vase there are tees in the water and ribbon that says golf wrapped around the top.

Even the ice cubes were made in a golf ball mold.

This year my great niece turned 7 and wanted a Paris/Pink Poodle theme birthday party. The cups are Eiffel Towers, the little boxes on the table have a pink poodle on top and are filled with pink M&M's wrapped up with an Eiffel Tower charm to take home. The plates and blowers are French Pink Poodles. So are the cupcakes.

This was a company that wanted to throw a Irish Pub party for their clients. The colors were the Green, Orange and White as that is the color of the Irish Flag.

Lots of food of course. Gold coins scattered around the table that also had shamrock lights.

No better place to throw the party then at a real Irish Pub.

My good friend and I used to have a luncheon once a month. We would take turns having it our house. This months theme was rubber ducks. So of course the plates and napkins are yellow rubber ducks. There were tea sandwiches that were cut in the shape of a rubber duck and used whole pepper corns for the eyes. I found a darling little dish that held dip that was in the shape of the duck and even little candy shaped like rubber ducks.

A Hawaiian Luau was the theme of my sister I live with. We went all out for this party as she was turning the big 60!

Everyone, even the younger guys, got with the spirit of the party and wore leis as we sat outside and ate.

This was another company party with a Jazz theme. It was held outside at night and we even had a wonderful Jazz band there.

The color scheme was pink and blue as that was the logo colors of the company.

Every year we host an Academy Award Party.

The fun starts as you walk up on a red carpet. Ok it's not really a carpet but you get the idea.

Desserts are always an Oscar theme too. This year was white chocolate Oscars that were painted with edable gold paint and the Hollywood sign also made from chocolate and cheese cake.

Goodie bags are a must at all my parties so the guests can remember the parties even after they go home.

Even the floor gets decorated with stars just like on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Another party for my great niece was dog theme. Little dog houses held a stuffed puppy for everyone to take home. The glasses were shaped like bones. Everyone had a little bowl with cookies that looked like dog food in them. The cake was in the shape of a dog house.

I think I liked this party the best of all the ones I've given.

Oh let's not forget every year there is a Halloween party for the kids. Each year is a different theme also. A pumpkin theme was this year. As the kids get older the parties become a bit more scary. I can't wait until I can do a real haunted house for them.

A Christmas tea party was given for friends and family. I had fun finding cute tea cups and saucers and tea pots in Christmas themes off of eBay. I now have a wonderful collection.

There have been many many more parties but I think you get the idea of how much I like to give parties. No matter how big or small. There is always a reason to have a party. It could be a Holiday, birthday, company party or just to sit down and share a few hours with a friend. You don't really need a reason to make every day a party day.

Hugs to you all,



Donna Lynn said...

Oh Joanne, I had a blast looking at your parties! Wow, I wanted to be there at each one, you are one amazing and talented woman! God has truly blessed you with a very special gift!!!!!
I do believe, I have gained back all the weight I lost tonight, looking at the fabulous food and goodies...:)

Big hugs for you and Gene!
Donna Lynn

Glenda said...

Joanne, you are such a party animal.
Glad Gene got the card.
When do you do the Stallone cake ?
I hope you take a picture !


Rhondi said...

Hi Joanne. I want to go to one of your parties! They look like so much fun.
I'm glad to haear you had some laughs with your brother. That must be a ggod sign. W econtinue to pray for a speedy recovery.
Hgs, Rhondi

{oc cottage} said...

What a "party girl" you are! Na d I mean that in the best sense of the term! :)

M ^..^ said...

How cool!! All of them!! I am RSVPing right now for your next party, whatever or whenever it is!

Flower said...

You are one amazing party lady!! Everyone must love all that you do for them!! Do people hire you to plan the parties? The pictures are great and the ideas are endless!! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

wow girl !!! I am worn out from all the fun I had going to your parties... what lucky friends you have ! Great imagination and inspiration !!! Also... sounds like your bro... is doing a little better each day... great news

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
What incredible parties!! Can you come do my next party? You do really extensive parties! My favorite has got to be the Paris Party. How cute!
I'm making a card for Gene and will be mailing it Monday.
Thanks for your encouraging words, I really needed them! YOU were an answer to prayer!
Hugs, Sherry

Renee said...

GREAT PARTIES!!! You are very talented. Maureen always talks about how crafty you are, and boy is she right!!! I can't wait till I can have you do a party for me!! I am glad your brother is doing better, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Joanne - you are just TOO CLEVER!!! Holy cow - I'm amazed at your creativity and baking/cooking skills (since mine are very limited! LOL)... Thanks for sharing all the photos - they were great!!!...Donna

Decor To Adore said...

Wow Joanne,

You are truly talented!

I love all the cakes that you have created.