Saturday, May 3, 2008


I went to see my brother today. When I walked in I know I had a shocked look on my face. He was sitting up in bed, was dressed and was very alert! When he spoke I understood every word he said. I almost started to cry because he seemed so much better then the last time I saw him, just two days ago.

We had a nice visit and his spirits were up. He was making jokes. The Kentucky Derby was on the TV. He even told me he wanted to bet $100 on #6. Good thing he didn't as #6 lost.

The real good news was that durning his therapy he was able to stand. Plus he can move his shoulder and lift his leg a little bit. These are all great signs! I've read and read all about strokes and if you are able to do these two things, within three weeks of the stroke, it's more likely then not you will regain movement in your arm and leg again.

His vision is bad though and driving him crazy as he sees double unless he closes one eye. So the eyes are not working together to focus right but that should get better too, in time.

As he got tired his speech became harder and harder to understand as he didn't want to put in the effort of talking slowly and louder. But that is to be expected.

As I left I had a great feeling about his recovery. I know stroke patients have good days and bad days but this was all real good.

I ended up stopping at church on my way home. I wasn't planning on it but I know God wanted me there. I couldn't believe it when the Pastor started to talk about someone was so upset because because their little baby had a stroke. The mother was was having a hard time dealing with it. She didn't know if she had enough faith to trust that God would give her a miracle.

He went on to say that God would give a miracle to her. It may not be the one she wanted. But it could be. God may grant a miracle so the baby could walk or talk one day or the miracle could be that He provides the strength to coop with the baby's disabilities. You see, God doesn't promise a Happy Ever After here on Earth. Only a Happy Ever After in Heaven with Him. He also never gives us more then we can handle.

We must always trust in Him and know He has the best for us in store. Sometimes he doesn't give us what we ask for because He has something much better in store for us down the line.

Like the little girl who was at the park and the daddy told her she had to get off the swing now so they could leave. The little girl begged and cried for her daddy to let her stay and play on the swing but he said no. They left and in the car the little girl thought to herself that her daddy must not love her anymore because he wouldn't let her stay and enjoy what she was doing. She thought maybe she did something bad and was being punished.

The truth was Daddy made her leave the fun on the swing only so he could surprise her and take her Disneyland. Of course once there the little girl knew she had the best Daddy in the world and even though she thought she wanted to stay and play on the swing her Daddy knew she would have much much more fun at Disneyland.

I wanted to thank everyone who posts and emails me and prays for my brother, Gene. It means the world to me and I told him about all the prayers and well wishes all over the world going out for him. He said to say thanks, he needs all the help he can get.

Tomorrow I'll be home as my sister Maureen and her son, John is going to go visit my brother. I plan on working on some of my projects I have so I'll be posting about them tomorrow.

It will be nice to just relax and have a fun day.




bj said...

Good morning, Joanne...your post was so nice this morning and I am so very glad to hear your brother is doing better. Strokes are such destructive things and sometimes take a long time to recover from....I pray he will recover and be able to use his arms and legs. Would you please tell him, from one Jean to another, that to hang in there...we are praying for him...and for you!
Happy Sunday!

Elizabeth said...

May his recovery be swift and complete.
He sounds a super brother to protect you when you were younger.
Good thought coming your way from Marrakech.

bj said...

just to say that i added a link to your site on my posting today.
God Bless,
also wanted to invite you to add an angel to your blog from mine for Child Abuse Provention's on my sidebar....

Joanne Kennedy said...


Of course I will tell him. I tell him about all the prayers and well wishes from everyone.

I can't wait to tell him that even people in Marrakech are sending him good thoughts.

SnipSnipChick said...

God is Good, all the time and all the Good is in Gods time!

Praise God for your heroic brother.
What a courageous man he is!
He is winning the battle of fighting for life.Again!
Joanne, my name is Cindy and Inam here from BJ's blog, I will pray for your bro. daily. Blessings to All!

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Hi Joanne bj said to come over to let you know we are praying for your brother and it sounds as if God is answering prayer already!! So glad to hear he is doing much better. I pray that God continues to use this situation for His good and His glory!! Take care of yourself too as you take care of your brother. God Bless!!~Wendy