Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's bath time for the dogs! They hate getting baths. Even though they are good when they get them. Look at the look on Elton's face. He is saying "Help! Get me out of here!"
Zeke hates water! He shivers when he gets a bath. Poor guy.
Thankfully the bath part is over but now it's time to dry off. Elton doesn't like this part at all. He waits until he knows the time is right and then he darts away from me and hides under the bed so I can't get him. Then he runs all over the house and rubs his body on anything he can to get his nice dirty smell back. He is all boy and hates being clean.

Zeke on the other hand let's you dry him off and then waits for his treat for being a good boy. He really is the best dog. Other then barking at everything and everyone that walks by he doesn't do anything wrong.
Well now that the boys are clean, I'm off to go see Sex In the City. I've always been a fan of that show and I can't wait to see what the girls have been up to in the past few years.
Hugs to everyone!


Willow said...

Poor puppies! Our cat hated her baths, too, and would go outside in the sunshine as soon as she could wriggle out of our arms.

I love the jars full of seashells!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, too cute!!!! I love it! Mine would shake themselves off as soon as they got out of the tub, so we always made sure to have a huge towel to put over them as they got out! ha ha.. .That way the water didn't get 'shook' all over the bathroom... They are sweeties for sure!...Donna (PS - How did you like the movie????)

mrsmorris said...

Your fur children are adorable! It must be so nice to bathe them in the sink :).


Renee said...

Oh, cute dogs!! I want a dog....wait a minute... I have 3 boys... Changed my mind, NO I DON'T want a dog!!!! I'm so bummed I didn't win the giveaway, I really like that button frame, oh well, maybe next time!!! Glad you had a good birthday!! I'm also glad to hear your brother is doing much better!!

Flower said...

Your "babies" are darling!! Bath time is a must but they either like it...or not! You must check out my favorite web site...Prima Bathing. My brother manufactures dog bathing units for home and commercial use. His units were used at Westminster Dog show in Feb. of this year and they were a hit!!
I do feel blessed to have a's something we enjoy each and every day! Yes, we have deer come through all the time and they are often in our backyard in the mornings. Our backyard is the woods. :) I try to take pictures of the deer but they don't come out very well through the window.

Donna Lynn said...

Oh Joanne,
What a darling post, I love your puppies, they are so cute! Mine look the same wet or dry, short coats on both of them!

So sweet...

Michele said...

What cute little furbabies!!! My little furbaby hates getting a bath, too. She gets very scared and shakes all over...poor thing.

I love the pictures you posted!!!