Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Come on in my pretties! Sit a spell. You are invited to join us...if you dare.

These are the invitations that were sent out to a Witch Luncheon I was having.

They are from the Martha Stewart line and while they photographed as almost a red they are really a deep orange.

The table was set the night before. Just waiting for everyone to come by the next afternoon.

I had so much fun going on the hunt to gather cute witch table settings.

It all started when I went to Salem and in the Witches Museum I found these darling little Witch broom pens. I knew then I wanted to have a Witches Tea or Luncheon so I bought them and brought them home with me.

I found these darling place card holders on Etsy. I can't remember who I bought them from but if you know, please tell me. I would love to buy another set for next year.

As always, TJ Maxx came through with having several cute different kinds of dishes I could use.

I love the square black and white polka dot plates. While they are not really Halloween plates they fit right in and I can use them with other tablescapes as well.

The salad plate had a pumpkin with a black silhouette of a witch and was trimmed in orange with the black silhouettes of bats and cats. I forgot to take a picture of it alone so you could see it.

The bowls had witches and were actually part of a three piece set. I just used the smaller bowls as I was serving Pumpkin soup and needed bowls.

The table cloth also came from TJ Max.

I got the napkins and napkin rings for 75% off at Kohl's. The napkin rings were little spiders with witch hats on. They also had glitter so of course I had to get them.

The salad was served in a witch's cauldron and sandwiches were cut to look like witch hats. I also made "witch purses" out of brie cheese wrapped in filo dough. YUM!

The soup was Pumpkin soup and the salad also had pumpkin seeds. I Had to keep with the Halloween theme.

Everyone had to wear a witch hat. After all, it was a Witch Luncheon!

The Witch Sisters!

One of the "witches" brought me this darling apron. It says Witchy Woman on it. Don't you just love this! I sure do!

These witches were watching over the goodie bags everyone got to take home. Inside was a sweet little dish towel that had a witch on it and black and orange beads hanging off it, a candy bar with a great vintage Witch Halloween wrapper and tissues with witches on them.

Everyone also got to take home their witches broom pen and the Happy Haunting wrapped candy at their place setting.

We all had so much fun and agreed this is going to be a new Halloween Tradition. So, there you have it. This is how traditions begin.



Connie said...

Heee heee heee, cackle, cackle, dearie; I'll be there in "spirit"!!! Heee heeee.

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

What a cute table! Looks like a perfect Halloween party. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

Tardevil said...

Oh, I so want to be your friend! That looked like fun! Love all the witchy ideas!

Tardevil said...

BTW, that apron is awesome!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

I love the place setting with the orange with black cat and I love the black plate with white dots, so cute together...

Martha said...

A darling table -- bewitchingly lovely!

Tina Schiefer said...

Love it all!!!

A girl wants to know though, where do you find the time to plan, shop, shop and did I mention? Shop????

You had in a post a while back that you wanted us to be nosey and ask questions about you, so do tell...:)

Also, how'd the bathrooms turn out????

Our house is still a very major work in progress, but the list is shorter than it was 5 years ago!!!!

Happy trick or treating!!!

Ps still loving the "ghost" stories... Keep 'em coming!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love your table! I'll bet you all had fun, too.

Cynthia said...

Very festive table. I love the tablecloth. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

What a fabulous party. Wish I could have been there. It looks like a good time was had by all and what a great theme you chose!

Christi @ A Southern Life

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

What a fun party idea!!! And the table looks smashing. I love the dishes!!!

Unknown said...

Boil, boil, toil, and trouble. You came up with a positively perfect spell for this get-together!!

Lori (All That Splatters) said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!! How adorable.

Dining Delight said...

What a wonderful idea and you did it up right! Everything looks great and I love how you served the salad in the caldron!


Rettabug said...

What a fun Halloween table! I laughed out loud when I saw the salad in the cauldron ... great idea & I wish I'd thought of it for my Charlie's birthday party.

Looks like everyone had a good time & got into the *Spirit* of the event. LOL

♥ Rettabug

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh this looks like such fun! This was an adorable luncheon and the menu sounds wonderful too! Love your "spirit" of Halloween.

Kathleen said...

I had to come read this after today's post! That looks like so much fun! I love the idea of the Witch Luncheon and everyone wearing a hat.
I am stealing that for next year!
I did several Halloween tables..One was witchy!