Monday, October 26, 2009


Micky stood glowing in the dark. A look of surprise was upon his face. Or wait! Is that a look of fear? After all, it is Halloween and we all know that this is the time of the year that things go bump in the night!

But not at Disneyland and California Adventure! It's a night full of fun, treats and excitment!

Every year my two sisters, Trinity and I head out at night and go to the Trick or Treat Party thrown by Disney.

It used to be over at Disneyland years ago but it has since moved over to California Adventure which is right across the way.

This year (last Friday night) we met up with several friends and families and all enjoyed the night together.

We were on a mission to find signs like the one above. We knew that going to these stations would provide us with lots of treats!

This is the first year that Disney has offered not only candy at these stations but also "healthy snacks" if you wanted.

Being on Weight Watchers this was perfect! They had little bags of mini carrots, sliced apples, raisins and dried cranberries.

Of course, most people wanted the candy!

As we walked into the park we were greeted by Miss Candy Corn. She handed everyone a bag to hold all the treats acquired that night.

Trinity and her friend Jesse stopped to take a picture with Miss Candy Corn.

Adults and children were welcomed to wear their costumes if they so desired. Trinity decided not to but Jesse wanted to wear her BMX Racer costume.

The whole park was decorated and everything was cute and festive.

Even the Mickey Mouse balloons were decked out. They even had little lights that flashed on and off inside them.

Live, talking scarecrows were hanging around chatting with the people who walked by.

Very clever!

Happy Ghosts were bouncing around at every turn. Music playing in the background would lead you to your next stop.

Creepy, scary designs appeared on the ground and walls. OK not so creepy and scary as cool looking.

All the Disney characters were out for photo ops. Here Woody and the Green Army Men pose with Trinity and Jesse.

As we were leaving the Green Army Men ordered us all to "Drop and give them 20 push ups!" WHAT!!! I thought this was the happiest place on Earth!

We ran away from there. Boy those Green Army Men are mean!

After our visit with Woody we decided it would be fun to go on the ride Toy Story. Most of us had not been on it before.

It's a lot of fun. You are given 3D glasses and the ride takes you through a large Carnival where you get to play games. Your scores add up and at the end you can see if you are the highest score of the night.

By now, we had hit up several Trick Or Treat Stations, rode on several rides and taken tons of pictures.

The kids were getting tired. They asked to take a break and sit down for a minute.

Though I have a feeling they just found a well lit spot where they could dig through their bags and see what kind of candy they got.

This is what the Trick Or Treat Stations looked like. You would line up, say Trick or Treat and be given a hand full of candy. Well, at most stations you got a hand full.

We did come across a few where they gave only one tiny piece of candy. What was up with that?

We were laughing because we felt like kids again, digging through our bags as we left. When we saw it was one piece only we felt like Charlie Brown... "I got a rock".

Hard as he tries, Mickey Mouse just can't be scary! He is to darn cute!

We all decided to go to the Pirate area where crafts were being offered so we could sit for awhile and rest our feet before heading back out to score some more candy. Oh, I mean health snacks.

The lights and music showed us the way.

Soon we were sitting down and enjoying a nice cold drink. The music was playing, the crowds were dancing and this was a perfect spot for a break.

The Pirate DJ called everyone out on the dance floor. We were all to tired to get out and dance. We would stay seated and just watch.

Then we noticed a few of the kids and "The Sisters" were missing! Where did they go?

Out on the dance floor! Where did they get that energy!

The other kids colored masks and ate lots of sugar.

I went on the hunt for a date! I found this guy but then decided he was to much of a stiff, for my liking, and I walked away.

After taking a break and getting re-energized on sugar, we continued on our journey.

Daisy duck was shaking her Tail Feathers over at Candy Cane Lane.

But, we had our hearts set on going to the Hollywood Back Lot. We knew what we wanted to do.

That's right! It was Halloween and we were going to go ride The Hollywood Tower of Terror Ride!

There was no line at all and we got to walk right on the ride. We went two times.
By now it was 11:00 pm and everyone was ready to go home. So we headed for the front gate, to our cars and finally to our warm beds.

Snow White and Dopey was giving autographs and taking pictures but no one wanted to stop.

So we left Halloween Time behind and went home to visit Dream Land.

I don't know about you, but I know next year we will once again be going Trick or Treat California Disney Style.



Frugalious Living said...

Ohhh, I'm so jealous! I LOVE all things Disney!! We went to Disneyworld two years ago in September for my sisters wedding, (she was so lucky to get married there). And they started to decorate for Halloween. My two favorite things, combined. Sigh.
Thanks for sharing your great photos, makes me feel like I was there! Ok, just a bit. ;)
Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Oh I SO miss Disneyland!! You brought back good memories. I don't remember Miss Candy Corn. Lol! She's too cute. :)

Glenda said...

I think you all are having WAAAAYYYYY to much fun these days.

Happy Halloween !!!!!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

I love Disney land all dressed up for fall and Halloween. We have been there in Sept. the last two years for our Granddaughters Birthday and it is amazing!
What a great time you all had.

Debbie said...

Wow!! What a wonderful time you had! Great photos and so much fun...Disney really knows how to throw a bash, no matter the holiday or time of year!