Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today was finally the day for the big Pirate Halloween Party. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather and the day went off without a hitch.

Now I'm not a big fan of Pirates but I must admit this had to have been one of the most fun parties.

I had a blast finding things to decorate with, coming up with ideas for fun and just all around planning this party.

We ended up with 24 kids and at one point I noticed we had 26! I have no idea who those other kids were. Perhaps just kids playing at the park that wanted to join in or maybe brothers/sisters of some of the invited guest.

Yet, just as quickly as they showed up they seemed to have left. It was hard to keep track of all the kids. In fact, I noticed that in this group photo some of the kids were missing here.

Thank goodness the parents all hung out to keep track of their own children because with a group this big it's hard to know where everyone was at all times.

We even had some special guests join us. Captain James and his Wench joined us. Both provided us with great photo ops. It was great to have them stop by.

Pirate Puppy Charlie even stopped by for some fun! Glad you could make it Pirate Charlie. Hope you can come to all our parties from now on!

Decorating the table was lots of fun. Of course everyone knows the table setting is what really sets the pace for the party.

The main colors were black, red and white (aren't all Pirate Parties those colors) but since we had some great fortune of finding a few sunken treasures, just about every color of the rainbow was found. After all, gems and jewels do come in all colors.

I found lots of our decorating treasures at thrift stores. Like this candelabra and Pirate Ship.

That's one of the good things about planning so far in advance, it gives you time to treasure hunt of items that are one of a kind.

At each place setting, a mini treasure chest with candy pearls and a Pirate skull snow globe awaited the children. As well as, a Pirate Skull cup and of course the cute skeleton napkin ring holder.

All of these items were for the children to take home.

I had lots of fun with the food labels. Of course we had to have Pirate food names.

Things like Rotten Teeth Treats for mints wrapped in pirate paper.

A rat placed next to the sign that read... Captain Cook's Chicken leads one to it really chicken that is being served or is it fried rat?

The decorations around the food were fun to do also. Like the Pirate hat on the skull that is watching over the food. Or, the mini cannon I found at the thrift store.

Even the drinks had special names like "Crocodile Blood" for the punch and "Pirate Ale" for the root beer.

I'm not sure who loved all the decor more, the kids or the parents. All the smiles and compliments made it all worth while. After all, it's all about making people have fun and good memories.

The park had a great set up for us too. We got a large gazebo with four tables that circled around a center island. Perfect for putting the food on!

Everyone ate until they couldn't eat any more.

After the plates were empty and tummies full the fun continued on. It was time to find out what fun and mysteries awaited the kids.

We had a craft table set up where each child could pick either a treasure chest or a Pirate to paint.

I think everyone picked a treasure chest to paint.

This was a perfect way to start the fun as the children got to digest their food before running around, playing games and getting wild.

After they painted their piece, they each got a Pirate scarf. The first piece to their Pirate Costume.

From the Craft Station they headed over to Blackbeard's Tattoo Parlour where they picked out the tattoos they wanted. They also got an eye patch and golden earring at this station too.

I think the girls enjoyed the tattoos more then the boys. Well, maybe not. It was hard to tell.

We then headed out to the field to play some games. First up... Pass the Cannon Ball.

I just made a cannon ball out of a Styrofoam ball. I covered it with black tissue paper. Easy and quick!

We played Pirate music as the Cannon Ball was passed from Pirate to Pirate. No one wanted to be caught with the Cannon Ball when the music stopped or they would be out.

It was at this game that we all learned that Pirates all share in the treasures found while at sea. Therefore, there were no real losers in the Pirate games. Everyone would win the same prize.

The games were just for fun and knowing that everyone was a winner the kids seemed to enjoy the games more for the fun of it.

Here everyone got a Pirate Gun. Boy, was this a big hit prize!
Then it was time for another Cannon Ball game. This time each child had a Cannon Ball (black balloon) tied to their ankle. They had to run around and try to explode each others cannon (pop the balloons) while they still protected their own cannon from others.

This was fun to watch as the would run after each other trying to get the "cannons" to explode while keeping an eye on others who were after theirs.

Everyone was awarded "Pirate Swords" for doing such a good job here.

We all took a little break from the games and fueled up for more fun by having cupcakes (I can't believe I forgot to take even one picture of the cupcakes) which were red velvet with cream cheese icing. Also, more drinks as everyone was super thirsty from all the running around.

We had played one more game where everyone was divided into two teams. Each child was given a hook (which they got to keep) like Captain Hook has. With the hook they had to pick up a necklace, run down and put it into the treasure chest and then run back and tap the next Pirate on their team to do the same. The first team with all their necklaces in the treasure chest won.

They also got to pick their own necklace of jewels to keep as well as the hook at this game.

Again I forgot to take a picture of the game also.
After the games and cupcakes it was time to crack open the Treasure Chest Pinata.

They all scrambled as quickly as they could to scoop up the treasures of candy and toys that were inside.

We then went on a hunt for our final treasure! Little did the kids know that their final treasure was hidden right in plain sight all along. No one knew that the treasure chest near the red X that "marked the spot" of where the party was to begin was also where our party would end.

Clues were read that took everyone all throughout the whole park as we found clue upon clue to find that often what we are looking for is right there in front of us, had we kept our eyes open.

The only one who was able to unlock the treasure chest was Captain Trinity.

So everyone stepped back as they waited with baited breath to see what was inside.

Inside were the goodie bags that Captain Trinity handed out to each Pirate as she thanked them for coming to her party and letting everyone know that next year with be yet another fun party to look forward to.

Everyone was super tired by this time and so they gathered up all their loot and gear and headed on home to thinking about next year.


Nancy said...

This was such a darling idea for a party. Wow, you really did it up! I think you must have thought of every little detail. It looked like so much fun I would have loved to have joined in!
XOXO Nancy

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!

OMG what a fabulous party! I love your post and felt like I was there... well almost, I didn't get a cupcake.

You are the party Queen! Every detail is incredible. Trinity is so blessed to have you in her life. She will remember these fab parties you've thrown forever.

Big hugs, Sherry

Decor To Adore said...

What a wonderful party~so many details.

Please stop by and enter my Halloween giveaway.

Sometimes It's Good said...

What a fun and cute party. Maybe you should start a business staging children's parties.
Hugs, Susan

Donna said...

I agree with Susan - you should definitely hire yourself out as a party planner, Joanne! Fantastic post and party!! ... Donna

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

WOW! What an amazing party! You have been busy. That took an amazing amount of work on your part. Hosting a party for 24 is insane! Love all of your details. I'm sure Trinity and her friends had a great time!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Love the table setting, especially the candelabra! It looks so authentic! Great party!

Unknown said...

Ahoy Matey:I am planning a pirate party for my son. I am a party-a-holic and stay up to the weeeeee hours in the morning when planning my parties. I don't normally like to copy or steal one's ideas because I like to claim the idea as my original ideas. I just had twins one year ago and my time is more limited now :). I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me so I could ask you a few questions about your party details. IE. Where did you find the table runner? 5405201853 THANKS A BUNCH GRRRRRR!

Unknown said...

Also, where did your huge treasure chest (the filled one with loot and gems) come from? Did you have any rhyme or reason to filling it? Did you MOSTLY fill it with dollar store items. What was your party favor?

Marie said...
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Marie said...

Hi. I just saw your posting from your pirate party. Did you make the invitations yourself or did you purchase them? My daughter would like a pirate birthday party and I'd love to send out invitations like yours. :)