Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Are you wondering why I'm doing the Happy Dance? Well let me tell you...

I lost .4 lbs this week. Yes, yes, I know that is not a lot of weight and most people would be upset with such a low amount. But, not me! I'm thrilled.

First of all, it's a loss. A loss in weight is ALWAYS better then a gain. However, that is not the real reason I'm happy.

This is what my past week was like... Pizza, chips, cookies, candy, pretzels and cheese sauce at the movies and even cake. Hardly any veggies at all.

So you can see that eating all this would not make one think they had a weight loss at all. In fact, I was so sure I had gained and was worried about going to weigh in at Weight Watchers today.

I thought, what the heck! I might as well go and face the music. I would get back on track and put this week behind me.

So when I got on the scale and the lady told me I had a .4 lb weight loss I was thrilled! That's like two sticks of butter!

She laughed and told me she had not seen anyone so happy over a .4 lb weight loss before. Then I explained why I was happy and she laughed and said "I would be doing the happy dance too!".

I learned my lesson though. No more slacking. Nothing I ate last week was even that great. Not worth a whole week of working hard. This week I'm back on track, will be writting down everything I eat and making sure my healthy food is eaten so I won't get hungry and eat stuff just to be eating it.

I'm thrilled that weigh in is over and I'm looking forward to next weeks.

So here I am at 12 weeks and down 26.4 lbs. Thankfully, I'v emade it 3 months with a loss each week...no matter how small that loss may be.



Glenda said...

Well done you. I wish it was me. I want to do it, but my motivation is nil.


Debbie said...

Oh God this post made me laugh! I used to do the same thing when going to weight watchers!! I still do...but I'm no longer going to WW...just trying it on my own and NOT doing that well! Even item of food you mentioned I LOVE! I haven't had pizza in over a year but candy is my downfall. Congratulations....you are doing it the right way and 26.4 pounds is a LOT!! Hooray for you!! Keep up the good work!!

Donna said...

Awwww... you are doing so good, Joanne... So what movie did you see? I love movies! ha ha

Hmmm... April can still be very cold back here in New England - and rainy! You'd be much better setting your sights on May or June I think. Of course watch 2010 be the year of the 'gorgeous April' and the 'Monsoon May' now that I've said that! ha ha With New England you never know!!!

Have a great week!!! You are doing fantastic!!!!!!!... Donna

Sometimes It's Good said...

Good for you! I went back to Jenny Craig. I like WW too but with Jenny I don't even have to think about it much. I am so lazy right now.
Hugs, Susan

Furry Bottoms said...

I think you're doing an excellent job, my friend. A loss is a loss, no matter how big or small. It is still an achievement... especially with all that junk you had! Me jealous.