Monday, August 22, 2011


Jelly is much easier to make then jam.  You just use juice rather then the whole fruit. 

If you don't make your own juice then making jelly is pretty darn fast.

I love grape jelly.  But, the only kind I like is Welch's grape jelly.  The other brands just don't thrill me. 

I had thought about making my own juice with fresh grapes but that just seemed like to much work for me to do right now.  Besides, what if I didn't like it either. 

I thought that maybe if I used Welch's grape juice it would turn out like Welch's jelly.   After I started to make the jelly, I noticed, it wasn't really grape juice I had.  It was actually a "Concord Grape Flavored Fruit Cocktail".

What!  I turned it over and saw it was a blend of three grapes, water and sugar.  I wasn't sure what was going to happy to my jelly now.  Yet, I carried on to find out.

I got my jars ready in the hot water bath.

The lids were on simmer, getting the rubber ring nice and soft.

I had my CERTO/pectin open and ready to be poured.

Then I poured in four cups of juice and 7 cups of sugar in the pot and mixed it well.

Even though my jelly recipe does not call for lemon I thought since I wasn't using fresh grapes, I would go ahead and add it.

I put in 4 tablespoons.  NO, you can't taste it once it's all mixed in.

I then brought it all to a boil and added in the CERTO/pectin.  I let it come back to a boil and stirred it for one minute. 

I poured the hot jelly into the hot jars.  Be careful!  Don't burn yourself.  Pour your jelly into the funnel and don't just dump it all right in or it will splash up and burn you.  Pour the jelly onto the funnel and let it pour in that way.

Put the lids and rings on your jars and then process them in a water bath for 10 mins.  Remove and let cool.

That's all there is to it!  You will have 7 to 8 jars of fresh made Grape Jelly.

I had a little bit of jelly left over.  Not enough to pour into a jar.  I just poured into a little bowl and stuck it in refrigerator.  I checked it after it was cold.  It set perfectly and the taste was soooo good!

I knew I had a winner here!  So, I made another batch for gifts. 

I really hope you will try this recipe too.  It's quick.  It's easy and it's oh so good!

I'm linking up to Canning Week.  You can go read about what everyone else is canning by clicking on here.


Blondie's Journal said...

I've always wanted to make jam or jelly...I only eat grape. You have me SO inspired Joanne! Thanks!


Kim of Mo Betta said...

I had no idea it was that easy! Awesome for Christmas gifts...I'll be saving this for sure! Visiting from Mess Hall to Bistro - Canning week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Your jelly turned out beautifully! Seeing your photos makes me realize how much easier it is when you use the right supplies... ;)
I'll be back for the post on saving money on supplies. Thanks!

Hezzi-D said...

Yum! This looks great! I haven't tried making anything with grapes yet so I'll have to give it a shot!

Ott, A. said...

That is a great tutorial. Your jars look beautiful, and thank you for linking up to the Canning Week Blog Party!