Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well today was our Girl Scout Halloween party.  Trinity surprised us all by not showing up as a Zombie like she did for the School Festival. 

She was now a beautiful Vampire.

She looked lovely in her black and red dress.  Though the long black nails didn't stay on long at all.  She found them to get in the way to much so she took them off about 10 minutes after getting here.

She looks so grown up to me.  Almost to grown up!

But, Halloween is all about dressing and playing make believe, so I guess it's ok. 

Just don't grow up to fast Trinity.  I want you to stay my little girl awhile longer.


Lady Jane said...

Oh yes definitely dont grow up too fast. My grands are young adults now and I love their changing from child to adult but I miss the times we spent together when they were young. Cheers, LJ

Colored With Memories said...

we have a vampire too! i wasn't a fan at first, but decided to give it the go fun!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

oh my goodness, Joanne -- how did !Trinity grow up so fast?? Don't you wish you could slow her down a little to remain a little girl? I know she is excited to become a teenager and an adult -- we all were once! She is a beautiful girl