Friday, October 28, 2011


Welcome to the home of Mildred.  Some say she was a lovely old lady that loved everyone who crossed her path.

Others say she was a witch with a dark side.

She used to live here.  Though for the past 65 years she has not been seen. 

As you look at her photo, what do you see?  A sweet old lady? 

As you take a closer look, you may have a change of heart!

They say this stuffed owl is really her late husband that she had turned into a wild owl when he upset her. 

This poor little mouse was once the house keeper who cleaned away all the cobwebs that were meant to be left behind.

This handsome fella, John, was said to be her beau from when she was a young beauty.  He tried to leave her once he found out the true story behind her life behind doors.

He was never seen or heard from again.  They say, the truth behind his disappearance can be found in her books.

Though I don't think I really want to find out.

Halloween was a favorite time for Mildred.  She loved to hand out little boxes of candy to the children.

Hmm, there may be something wrong here.  Are those candy boxes or coffins that I see?

Well, you will have to come back to see what else is in store as we get closer to Halloween and the Girl Scouts come over for what they believe is a fun party. 


Bittersweet and Ivy said...

I love Halloween decorating... and you certainly have a knack for it!

Thanks for sharing!

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

What a great story you've created with the perfect accessories! Looks like it'll be a terrific party!