Sunday, October 16, 2011


I love meeting new bloggers!  I love anything to do with the '60s.  So, when I got an invitation to go to OC BLOGGER BASH I was thrilled!

This was one wild and crazy party!  There was live music playing music from the Good Old Days.

Let me tell you, this band was so good, I even over heard some people saying they thought records were being played before the saw it was a live band.

There were old cars set up to look like they were at a Drive In Movie.  Remember those fun times? 

I used to love to pack up the car and make a night of it on those warm summer nights.

Remember those speakers?  They would crack and there would be static.  Sometimes you even had to move to another spot because they wouldn't work at all. 

Yet, it didn't really matter.  You were there to have fun and it was more about being outside with lots of other people and having a great time then it was about the actual movie.

We had Pepsi in the bottles with straws just like they used to have.  No diet Pepsi though.  There wasn't any Diet Pepsi in the 60s.

But, there were Martinis and lots of them!  OK so mine was really just for show and the glass only held water and an olive.  But, there was a full bar and you were able to enjoy whatever your taste buds wanted.

I think one of my favorite things was the fashion show they had.  The women were beautiful in their dress and the men looked so dapper in their outfits.

I adored how they used the escalator as the runway.

As I looked around, I felt like I had stepped onto the set of Mad Men or Pan AM.

There was a fun Photo Booth set up with lots of silly hats, feather bows and glasses to use as props.

What would a party be without dancing?  We were not let down there either.  Some of these people could really cut a rug.

They had lots raffle drawings and even SNOOPY came to give away tickets to Knott's Berry Farm.

People huddled around cocktail tables eating and drinking and having a great time.  Everyone had name tags on so you could read what Blog they had.  It was a great way to meet new people and find out about different blogs.

They had some thrilling contests too.  These women were voted as having the dresses of the evening. 

I'm not sure but it seemed like they had so many raffle prizes that almost everyone ended up winning something. 

I do know that everyone had a blast.  I had a wonderful time, met lots of nice people and really enjoyed being able to step back in time.

This was a wonderful gathering and I'm so happy I got to attend. 

As we left for the evening, we were each give a little goody bag or I should say lunch pale.  What a clever idea.

Just one more of the little details that made this evening one that won't be forgotten!

I was not paid to post this.  I am doing so because I had a wonderful time and wanted to share with anyone who may be invited to a big bash with other bloggers that they should go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, my name is Stephen Peters and I am with MPI (Meeting Professionals International). I work for its magazine One+ and spoke with the AOCVB and MomsLA earlier this week about the OC Blogger Bash. I noticed your comment from the OG Blogger Bash website and found your blogger page. I loved the photos from it and was wanting to know if we could have your consent to use some of these posted images for our magazine. We have a couple, but a couple of these are just too good to pass on the opportunity to ask.

If you need to contact me, my direct line is 972-702-3046 or you may email me at