Wednesday, October 19, 2011


OK, listen to me!  I'm a wise ol' gal with some good tips for you to keep your little fur babies safe this Halloween.

I'm going to have a few of my good friends help me out here.  I've been strolling the streets for hours now (my owner is a shopaholic)  and I'm a little bit tired. 

Sure, you may think I look cute dressed up looking like a pumpkin but be careful with the real pumpkins. 

Us furry kids like to snoop around and some of us could get burned by the candle inside.  So, keep them up and out of our reach.

Lots of kids like to carry glow sticks with them or wear them around their necks on Halloween.  Yes, they look nice and yes they do help cars to see kids as they are crossing the street.

But, did you know we like to chew on them.  They are pretty to us too and we think they are new toys.  If we get hold of them, we may keep chewing them until they crack open.  Then, we will get sick all over the place and you will end up spending a lot of money taking us to the vet. 

So, be careful where you put those things when we are around.

People are really going all out these days for Halloween and there are more and more electrical items being use now. 

Sure, we may not always being the brightest but sometimes those cords look like fun things to chew on.  We could end up starting a fire or worse, killing ourselves. 

Please be careful and keep them out of our sight.

We love to protect you and yes we think we are super dogs!  So, sometimes when strangers ring the door bell and I see strange looking monsters and sometimes even cute little princesses, I get scared and may bite them. 

I'm not being bad.  I'm just doing what my job is and protecting you and our house.  Don't get mad at me or punish me for barking.  Just keep me in another room or keep me on a leash so I don't hurt anyone.

Everyone should know that candy and pets don't mix.  So, if you don't want me to turn you into a frog, don't tempt me with chocolate and other sugar goodies where I can get to them.

Oh ya, also, there are some creepy people out there who like to do mean things to animals on Halloween.  Mainly us black cats, so keep us inside where we are safe please.

Really folks, there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  So, make sure we all have ID tags on because sometimes we may run out when the door is open and with all those scary looking people out there we can get scared and run pretty far away. 

We want to always be able to come home to you and the ID tags helps make sure we do.

Oh and one last thing, while costumes may look cute on us, we really don't like to wear them.  If you must put us in one, keep an eye on us as they can get caught on things or we could try to get out of them and end up choking on them.

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