Friday, October 21, 2011


This is my great niece, Trinity.  She moved to CA when she was four years old. 

I remember her first Halloween here, she was a sweet little girl dressed up as Tinkerbell.  She was darling!

Then she was Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ.   I couldn't get over how cute she was with her hair in pigtails and holding a basket with Toto in it.

She was also Cinderella one year.  Again, sweet and cute.

But then, it started.  She was growing up and wanted scary costumes.  No more cute costumes for her.

She was a witch and then a vampire.  Scary!!!

This year she wanted to be a bride.  Oh how lovely.  She wanted to be something pretty again...or so I thought!

Nope, not her.  This year she had a friend who is a professional monster make up artist turn her into a ZOMBIE Bride!!!  One of her classmates dressed up as the groom.

Believe me, even though she looks scary in these photos, in person she was really creepy looking. 

She loved it.  The kids at her school loved it and all her friends loved it too.  To be honest, I loved it too.  She looked great!

I wonder what next year will bring?


Carol-Anne said...

Funny how the kids go from wanting to be 'cute' to wanting to be 'scary'! I feel the same about the decorations....I always go with cute rather than gory and scary!

Kori said...

They look awesome!! I bet they were quite the spectacle at school with that great make-up job and all! :)