Friday, November 4, 2011


Here in California we have birds all year long.  In the Winter we don't have as many as in the Spring but still we have a lot.

So, feeding them in Winter is important.  The food supply from bushes and trees are much less in the Winter.

This year, I'm having my Girl Scout Troop make bird feeders out of pine cones.

They are very easy to make...though they can get messy.

Tie or glue a string, ribbon or yarn to the top of a pine cone.

Cover the cone with peanut butter.  You can add some cornmeal or ground up oats to make it not so sticky if you like.  However, straight peanut butter is ok for birds to eat.

After your cones are fully covered with peanut butter (you may wish to leave a little of the top part of the cone uncovered so the bird can sit on it while it eats) roll the cone in bird seed.

Just find out what kind of birds you have in your area and use the right kind (or make several cones with different kinds of seeds to attract different birds).

Then hang them up outside.  You can hand them on hooks near windows so you can watch the birds from inside.  You could hang them in the trees.  Hang them all over and anywhere you like.

The birds will thank you.

Plus, you will get hours of enjoyment watching the birds enjoy their homemade Winter feast!

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Hope said...

What a unique bird feeder. I'm sure the birds will be so happy. I love that song from Mary Poppins, Feed the Birds.