Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love going to Tree Lighting ceremonies.  To me, it brings back memories of years gone by and also makes me feel like the Christmas season is really here now.

Tonight I went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for their yearly tree lighting ceremony.

I got there just as the sun was going down.  The clouds were starting to come in and of course being right by the beach, it was chilly.  Perfect for a Christmas celebration.

Being nighttime, it made it hard to find the right setting on my camera so most of my photos came out blurry.  This one was actually much darker so I lightened it up so you can see the clouds and the tree before it had all the lights turned on.

The tree this year is a 90 foot tree and beautiful.

They also had about a 45 minute show before the official tree lighting took place. 

The cast from the Musical Theatre University sang several different Christmas songs.  Each time they changed into a different outfit.

Then some of the favorite Disney characters came out and entertained us.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with Goofy, or should I say Santa, sang songs and asked everyone to join along.  The whole place was singing Jingle Bells and It's a Small World.

Then it was time.  The big count down to the tree lighting.  Everyone cheered when the hundreds and hundreds of lights on the tree lit up.

In typical Disney fashion, it started to snow.  It may not have been the cold snow that some of you are having, but it sure looked and acted like real snow and I can almost guarantee that it's the only snow that will be falling from the sky in Newport Beach this year.

So that's it!  It really is Christmas time now!  I know, I know, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet but, now when I hear the Christmas carols playing on the radio at least I won't think "already!".


Stephanie said...

It looks like such a nice time! Enjoy the holiday season and Happy THanksgiving!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This looks like a beautiful tree lighting experience, Joanne! It seems like many communities are doing this earlier and earlier in the season. NYC will have the Rockefeller Tree lighting after Thanksgiving. I never go because the crowds are tremendous and it is almost impossible to get close to the festivities unless I camp out almost form the night before.

I am back from California -- we were there around Halloween. I have been reminiscing about the trip on my blog. I had very little computer time while in CA --most hotel connections are too

Wishing you a very joyful Thanksgiving!

Kathleen said...

Hi Joanne!
I haven't seen you in ages!
The tree looks beautiful, you start early there . We do ours 'around hereafter T giving!
I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I saw you over at my fellow LI friend Stephanie's and it reminded me to come visit!