Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday was my sister, Maureen's birthday. What better place to celebrate then at Disneyland!

Every year Disneyland decorates for Halloween. This year was no different. Bright orange pumpkins were everywhere. Golden yellow mums, pretty fall colored leafs and wheat made up beautiful arrangements.

Main Street welcomes you with open arms and the whole way down you see the colors of Fall and Halloween.

A giant Micky Mouse pumpkin provides the perfect back drop for family photos.

But, not all pumpkins are smiles and cheer.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Halloween and Christmas collided together?

Well, wonder no more! Just head on over to the Haunted Mansion and you will find The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Jack is dressed up as Sandy Claus and shows you the way in.

The Mansion is all decorated for Christmas, I mean Halloween. No wait...well it is decorated for, for both!

Scare crows made out of scary pumpkin heads with a cute Santa hat.

The bird bath has been filled with berries, holly and dead plants.

The "car" in the driveway is all done up with Christmas garlands. Only these are made of dead holly and berries. Scary pumpkins smile at you from inside.

Christmas lights have been turned into dripping candles.

A pumpkin patch greets you as you walk by the... cemetery.

Normally people hang pretty garland around the house for Christmas. So of course that has been done. Only this garland has sculls hanging from the garland.

The door way into the mansion has a nice welcoming touch to it. Or is telling you to stay away?

As you step inside you notice there are NO doors and No windows to get out. The walls start to stretch and the pictures stretch out to show strange pictures that are 1/2 Halloween and 1/2 Christmas.

The lights turn out and then way up above the lights start to flash and then there is Jack all dressed up as Sandy Claus. Thankfully the doors show up and you can finally walk out of the room into the Mansion.

Down the hall the photos turn from cute little winter/holiday scenes to creepy Halloween ones.

Oh my! This place is very dusty and full of spider webs. They really need to clean up this place.

You are then guided to your "Doomed buggy" and your ride begins.

Christmas presents are wrapped in strange, spooky paper.

Sandy Claus and Zero stop by to say hi.

Snow drifts and ice mountains with pumpkins are around every corner.

Lovely angels with pumpkin heads make beautiful music.

It was hard to take photos in here because you are being twisted and turned every which way and just as you get ready to snap a photo you are spun around into another direction.

But, I hope you got an idea of what waits for you as you step inside The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Actually Disneyland is not as decorated for Halloween as California Adventure is but we didn't want to walk around and see everything over there because we got tickets for the Disney Trick or Treat Party.

In a few weeks we will go to California Adventure after the park closes for a fun filled night time party. So we didn't want to spoil the surprise of all the decorations until that night.

I will be sure to share it all with you when we go though.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!

Wow! They really go all out at Disneyland don't they? What incredible decorations. I loved the candy corn farm you went to... my favorite thing... and my nemesis... candy corn! I've already eaten half a bag of them tsk tsk!!

You're looking good Joanne! I can tell you've been resisting the candy corn!!

Big hugs, Sherry

Jacqueline said...

Loved your post. We did Disney World this year so we could go to Universal and see Harry Potter. I didn't know about the night time party until we were checking out the park times. It was sooo fun.

Disneyland definitely does a better job a decorating than Disney World. I wanted to take fun photos of the front of their Haunted Mansion, but you can't see it, they have a covered walkway that obscures it and they didn't do much decorating. Loved all of your photos and especially the one of the ceiling. (They don't do the Nightmare Before Christmas theme either!)