Monday, April 6, 2009


We have had lovely Spring days here in Southern California. It's days like these that make me happy to live here.

I thought I would go take a walk out in the garden and show you what is going on out there. It's still pretty early but several flowers are blooming.

Come on, I'll show you.

I am a big lover of flowers. Yet, I'm not good at knowing the names of most of them. So you will have to excuse me for not sharing what these flowers are called.

This is my first rose bush I've ever owned. I got it last year. I was worried it wasn't going to bloom again this year as I had no idea what to do help it along.

Though it's clear Mother Nature did. I'm getting these beautiful big blossoms now. There are so many buds waiting to pop open. I'm going to have lots of pretty bouquets inside this year.

These flowers are such a lovely pale yellow. Again, no idea what they are called.

I do think they are an off shoot of a different plant. They are in a pot that has pink and purple flowers. I planted them last year. They are the same type as these yellow ones but I never planted yellow flowers. I do like them though.

Maybe I should call them my ghost flowers.

I was lucky this year. The Petunias came back all on their own. Normally we pull these out at the end of the year and plant new ones each Spring. This plant never completely died off so we left it planted. Now it's full of flowers again.

Oh, I have another Petunia in the front yard that is all white. It did the same as these and this year they came back bigger then last year.

This is a Geranium plant that is a mix of a few different plants. I love the different color leaves.

This is a Double Impatient. It's another one that held up over the Winter and is now back to blooming.

I like that so many of our flowers came back this year. Saves money for more flowers to be added.

We have many Hydrangea bushes but this is the first one to bloom this year. I can't wait for them all to.

We have several pinks, three whites and one purple one.

Even though several are the same color they are all different looking.

The Azaleas usually start to die off around this time of year but they are still in full bloom.

I think our strange weather we have had has confused our flowers this year. We went from hot days to cold and raining days over and over again. Poor flowers didn't know what to do.

I hope that doesn't mean we will have a short Spring season this year.

I don't know what these flowers are. I think they are from the Daisy family. I adore the petals though. They are so different looking.

This are also from the Daisy family. They are white with pale purple edges.

There are a few more plants blooming but I thought I would hold off showing those until later.

Hope your garden is blooming for you too.


SharDon Exclusives said...

All of your flowers are gorgeous!!! Welcome spring! It was beautiful & in the high 60's now it is going to freeze tonight..ugh...hope your weather has turned for the good...Happy Easter week...sharon

Glenda said...

Holy cow you have some nice blooms going on there. They all look healthy and well cared for.

My flowers in the birdcage are doing really well, and the other plants are doing great too.

Love all the pinks. And those with the different looking petals are cool.

I am like you, I don't know the names to well.


Unknown said...

I love those daisies the best! What a lovely walk thru your garden, thanks for sharing it esp. since we had frost warnings here last night! Happy Easter too! Oh, come over and get signed up for my new giveaway!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I was at Lowe's and Home Depot yesterday (for more Mad Hatter items!) and the garden center was just bustling! I wish I could have stopped to look around more! I just love to garden.

Debbie said...

It looks as though you have a gorgeous garden!! Oh I am envious as we are just getting rid of the snow. We were able to get some raking done though on Saturday. Lucky you that the flowers came back from last year! What lovely plants and all in my favorite colors too. Nice job! it...and that ROSE is to die for. I have never had a rose bush but maybe this year.:)

Barb said...

Hi Joanne,

Your flowers are gorgeous, so colorful! It is hot here for this time of year- 93 today. My plants are confused (the dog also).

I wanted to thank you for adding a link to my giveway and for entering. I know I don't visit blogs as often as I used to but I really appreciate you dropping by and not giving up on me.


Allidink said...

Oh! Such pretty pictures! Those flowers with the weird petals are crazy! I think they are really neat too.

All the best,

Unknown said...

You have some gorgeous flowers! Things are starting to bloom around here. I had to replace all my geraniums because our yard guys tore them all out this winter. I guess they thought they were dead even though they weren't. You know how they get kind of brown and ugley before they bloom again.
Hugs, Susan

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh JOANNE! How lovely!! Oh...and on Thursday...just toss that old birdcage in your back seat. You are probably tired of it by now and I have a wonderful place for it. ~smiles~

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!

Oh I'm so jealous! It SNOWED here today!! There are buds on everything and it snowed! It's supposed to warm up by the end of the week but this is just ridiculous! Your garden flowers are absolutely gorgeous. The pink rose is AWESOME! And you were worried? It's so full and lush looking.
The birdcage and stand on your previous post is beautiful Joanne. You lucky girl to get it! It looks so nice in that corner. Like it was made for it.
I stayed the same again... yes I know, I didn't gain. I'm not happy. But will keep trying.

Hugs, Sherry

emily said...

What a beautiful collection of flowers! I hope Spring comes soon in New York, it snowed this morning:(
I'm having a giveaway, come and enter in!
Happy Easter!!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, I am so jealous, Joanne! If I took pictures of my garden right now it would be brown, bare, dead, not a single bloom in sight! Your yard is gorgeous! I love all the little statuaries you have, too... And that purple "sputnik" flower is gorgeous (at least that's what I'm calling it, and I bet you'll know which one I'm referring to!)... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Down Comforter said...

Beautiful flowers - I love those purple daisy-looking ones :)