Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm still on the hunt for a cute little Vintage travel trailer to purchase.

I really don't want to get one that I have to gut and redo the whole thing. So I'm looking for one that has already been restored or at least the major part of restoring has been done.

This is one that I'm really considering. It's a Shasta and I like the layout of this one.

It has almost everything finished. You could actually just pick this up and take off to go camping right from there.

I have to admit I was not even thinking of yellow and white as the color I thought I would want but I do love the look now that I see it.

Yellow is a bright and sunny color and would be fine to add pops of other colors here and there.

I've been chatting with the owner via email and I'm waiting for him to get back to me to set up a time to see it in person.

So what do you think? Do you like the yellow and white?

The only thing is this one is a little to big to store in the garage and in our neighborhood we can't keep any type of RV in the driveway so I would have to store it. They do have a place you can keep your RVs where my storage area is. It's not that much per month either. So I think I would just keep it there.

I would love to get one in time for summer so we could pack up the trailer and take off on some fun get aways.


Glenda said...

My parents had a friend with that same trailer. Yellow and all. It's bright and cheerful, and looks in good condition.


Mumzie said...

I do like this trailer, yellow and all. I would also add black as the third color. If it's ready for you to go camping in and the price is right...Do It! I've been looking for an small Airstream trailer myself. The new models just don't cut it and they are way too expensive for what you get. So, I've decided an a vintage one. I like your pick. Good luck! Mumzie

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Hey Joanne,

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I do have a few ideas for your nest shower. I will try and do a post this week. I could probably help you with your labels, but I'd need to know what all you needed to let you know a price. Email me at kendrascreations [at] gmail [dot] com, if you are interested.

I just looked at your cake blog for the first time, and I am blown away! I'll have to get some pointers from you sometime. Especially about working with fondant. Fantastic!

Tracey said...

I am totally jealous!! I love vintage trailers.. I've always wanted a tea-cup trailer. They are very small, but there is a whole group of people who have them and it's a club. They are so cute,, I'm going to post about one myself. Kindred spirits for sure!!

LaVon Baker said...

Yellow and white Shasta is very cute and looks to be in very good shape. A couple here has a really cute pink and cream one that supposedly belonged to Gabby Hayes, but it's not for sale, of course.
You will enjoy it!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Joanne; What a darling Camper. I love the Yellow and White, and you could add pops of color with table settings napkins table cloth pillows, just about any thing... The inside is really nice, I hope you can work it out. I love to camp and see the US. Good luck...


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

If I were on the look out for would certainly be a serious consideration. I love is so sunny..and pinks, greens, reds..and any color I can think of goes so well with it. Can't you just see precious vines and roses painted around the...oh..wait.. :) it's not mine.
It's really cute, Joanne. The inside is adorable from what I can see. The only would be so nice to be able to have it right there so you can work on it any time you like. If something is out of can be difficult to keep interested in it.
It sure is cute though. :)

Shonna said...

Its sooooo darling!! I would give anything to have one like this!What fun to decorate this! I have always wanted a vintage trailer!Iam sure you will get right one!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Joanne! This trailer is a real cutie and Shasta's are very popular! I have a yellow ice box and stove/oven in mine.

Your garden and home is such an inspiration to me! Keep on posting girl!


Jen @ said...

Hi Joanne!

That is my dream!!! How exciting! I hope you find something great! I want to get a vintage Airstream Bambi and fix it up. I think those vintage trailers are so cute!


Unknown said...

Oh, your living my dream! I love the yellow, you can always add pops of pink! lol

Debbie said...

When I first scrolled down and sneak peeked at your photos before reading your story I fell in love with the yellow and white vintage stove IMMEDIATELY! My first thought was...where do these people find these pictures?? That is just the coolest thing...a yellow and white vintage trailer with the same retro stove and I thought I saw yellow curtains too? I love it!! I want one! My friend Barbara and I slept in one very similar as kids in her back yard when we were not camping, only it was aqua and white...hate those colors! Yours is soooo much nicer and you're right...sunny. What's wrong with sunny? Buy it!!:):)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Looks like a lot of fun! California and the west must be wonderful states to travel around in a trailer as there is so much wide open land to see and places to camp. Good luck with the purchase!

Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Yellow is my favorite color so I give it a thumbs up. Can't wait to see you work your magic in it!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Joanne,

I love the yellow! It's cheery, and so many people have pink or the blue, not many yellow's.
Let us know what you choose.
Enjoy your day,