Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm in love! This bird cage has been something that I have been dreaming about getting for awhile. Well, not this exact one. But one like it.

A vintage bird cage on a stand! So when I got this one I was in Heaven.

The lady I got it from said it belonged to her grandmother from the 1930's. It had been passed down to her mother and then about 20 years ago her mother gave it her. Now she was "sick" of it and just wanted to "get it out of the house".

I was more then happy to take it off her hands. The best part was it was only $15.00. I couldn't believe it. I've seen these at antique stores for $150 and more.

I love the base of the stand.

At first I wasn't sure where I was going to put it. I didn't know if I should keep it inside so it didn't get destroyed by the weather or not. Should I paint it white and plant flowers in?

When I walked up to my front door it dawned on me! The perfect place for the bird cage was right there! I had been wanting something with height to go in this spot.

So I put the cage there to see if it would fit. It did. I like it. Though I think I need to move the little water fountain over.

I also like the black color as it stands out against our house which is pale yellow with white trim. Plus that area is covered so the weather won't destroy it.

I don't think I'm going to plant a little garden it it either. I may get a fake bird and put a little nest in the bottom or something. I just don't want to rust the cage by putting plants in it.

What do you think? Should I paint it? Keep it black? Should I plant a garden in it? Should I move the water fountain?



Rebecca said...

I love it so much! I would keep it black, but I LOVE black pieces!! I think it is perfect on your porch where it is covered and won't get weathered. A little nest and bird would be sweet. And 15 bucks! Great find!!

Back Porch Blessings,

Donna said...

I LOVE it!! I'd keep it just as it is - it looks beautiful against the house! And I love the idea of putting a bird in there... Awesome find, Joanne!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage (the other bird cage lady! ha ha)

Debbie said...

Oh my God what a deal and how gorgeous is this bird cage!! I want one! You have picked the perfect spot for looks like it has always been there...beautiful! No...don't paint it another color...your instincts are right looks perfect against your yellow house. How about a variegated green vine (fake that looks real) in a plant pot with some (fake) moss...then it won't ruin the inside of it? Just a thought. it!:)

Debbie said...

I absolutely love it...just the way it is and where it is....perfect! I can't believe the deal you got! I am jealous and I WANT one! How about a fake green variegated vine that sits in a fake moss pot?? Just a thought...really...really love it and it looks fabulous against your pale yellow house!

Debbie said...

I absolutely love it...just the way it is and where it is....perfect! I can't believe the deal you got! I am jealous and I WANT one! How about a fake green variegated vine that sits in a fake moss pot?? Just a thought...really...really love it and it looks fabulous against your pale yellow house!

Debbie said...

I love the birdcage and for some reason I cannot leave a comment for you tonight!? This is my fourth attempt so don't be alarmed if you get four slightly different looking comments about this blog!! The color is perfect and the place you put it is too. I want one!:)

Allidink said...

I would keep it black for sure! And probably not plan a garden in it. It is an antique so I think your right to be afraid of damaging it. I would move the fountain though. Just move it over a little and the planter to make everything a little more balanced. That is such an awesome birdcage though! I love it! And that is such a great deal!

All the best,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Please, please leave it black. At least for now...a pale green eventually is just lovely like it is. I am SO jealous! :) Knowing how you love bird cages...I know you must be delighted.
hugs and smiles for this one!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

I love it just the way it is!!!! Consider spraying it with a clear sealer to prevent rusting? What a lovely way to say "welcome, I'm friendly, come on in"...sharon

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love the birdcage!! What an amazing find. I would leave it black. Love & blessings from NC!

Unknown said...

That base is absolutely fabulous. If it was just an ordinary birdcage stand I'd say, "paint away", but since it's a very special antique I'd probably leave it as is.

Glenda said...

Keep it as it is. It looks right there. And the black against the yellow of the house is really nice. DON'T TOUCH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day

Tara said...

I love the black, it's very art deco. Is it the original paint? I would be more hesitant about painting it then, if not anything is possible, a color could be fun too. Maybe you could paint it a new color every year, hee hee!Decisions, decisions.

Connie said...

I'm not lurking today, chick!! LOL I love that bird cage on the stand. I'd love to come upon such a great deal too.

Tracey said...

Joanne, I like it black. I think it pops and really stands out against the color of your porch. I really like the display as it stands. The bird cage..the fountain..the statues. It really all comes together. The only thing I might consider is putting something in the cage..I think a lifelike bird would work great.. you could even color cooridinate him with the rest of the porch.. couldn't do that with a live one!lol!! Good luck! blessins, tracey

Debbie said...

Hey my friend...please feel free to "delete" all my comments but one!! Sorry about that...what an wouldn't take and I kept trying never really thinking i would leave all those comments!! you REALLY know how I feel about your lovely bird cage!! Sorry for being such a dip!:(

Unknown said...

We missed you yesterday! I hope we can get together soon.
I love your birdcage. Keep it looks great like that. I like Debbie's idea of the little faux vine and moss.
Are you going to the Beatrice Potter tea? I want to go but it would be nice to "know" someone who's there.
Hugs, Susan

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Keep that absolutely gorgeous and I am oh so envious Birdcage and stand Black.
IT'd look terrific white but stay black and whimsy it up!
The nest egg idea and mabey some fake mosses and Pip berries would be sweet.

Down Comforter said...

I like it left black. But, I think if you could find a way to safely plant a garden, that would be really pretty :)

Erin said...

what a fabulous find! I would keep it black - it's gorgeous! Pop on over for my 100th post give-away!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

WOW! What a steal! I think you should maybe put a potted plant in it or the bird's nest.

So great!