Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi, I'm Elton. My mommy is gone on something that is called a cruise. I wasn't able to go with her. I'm sad. I keep waiting for her to come in the front door. So far, she hasn't and I'm lonely without her.

I miss my mommy!

But wait! You're here!

So how about if you scratch my belly until my mommy comes home! I think that's a great idea...don't you.

Oh ya, my mommy also wanted me to remind you to not forget her giveaway. If you have not signed up yet be sure to do so and she will draw the winner when she gets home.

OK, back to my belly rub now! Aww, that's better.

Big puppy kisses to you.



Gone said...

Hi Elton...

I'm Kittie...(Jan)...and it's a pleasure to sit with you for a while...and belly rub!!! LOL!!! You're so cute...where's you mom been hiding you? Or have I missed you?

Well...have a nice day and perhaps I'll stop in tomorrow again!


Unknown said...

Elton, you are adorable. You should come play with Jake. You guys could be pals. Tell your mommie "Hi!"

Lindsay-ann said...

Oh poor Elton. He looks so sad without his Mommy. Come for a walk with me Elton. Come to my blog and come on my Walk Through the Countryside. Yes you will? That's great. You are so cute Elton. You can walk with me anyday.
Squeezy hugs. Bye Elton.

Glenda said...

Elton is that all better now ?

Oh you'll do anything for a belly rub, oh now stopping licking me I need to get some stuff done around the house..

Mom will be home soon and you'll be happier.


Michele said...

Oh Elton ~ you're such a cutie pie! Maybe you need to come over and play with Bear. He's lonely too when his Mommy is at work all day.

Tell you Mommy hi and hope that she's having fun on her cruise!

Big smoochies!

Darlene said...

Hi Elton,

It is a pleasure to rub your tummy!! You are just the cutest thing!! I think you would have fun here visiting my babies aka animals. You look so lonely without your mommy. She will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elton,

If Jackson and I were near...we would definitely come and bring you over for a play date. Don't fret...mommy will be home very soon to spoil you, love you and rub your belly!!

LeAnn & Jackson

Victoria Lynn said...

What a sweet pup you are! Don't worry, mum will be back soon!
Blessings, Victoria Lynn
PS: I loved the candy brought back a ton of memories from childhood.

suzeeez said...

lol..... cute pictures of your baby . I also love the post of all that vintage candy ..... wow.... "vintage"? .......I grew up eating most of that stuff . Sue

Donna Lynn said...

Don't you worry your furry little head, your mommy WILL return! Ask Teddy, he thought I was never coming back home when I went away to TN for a visit, he was depressed and miserable, but the minute I walked in the door all was forgiven and forgotten!

You make sure and get some rest, make Auntie Maureen give you a lovely bubble bath and maybe you can talk her into a new bone to, that will help ease the pain a bit!

Tell your mommie to call me when she gets home, can't wait to hear all the details of her trip!
Auntie Donna Lynn


Hi Elton,
Yes, your Mommy will be home soon to give you lots of belly rubs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we soooo need an Elton... How sweet is he???? Wanna come to New England, Elton?...Donna

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Elton!
Our mommy will be glad to rub your belly for you! She's real good at it! And then we can play a game on the computer together... just get up on your mommy's chair in front of her computer and hit the ON button. It's not too hard to type and use the mouse thingy once you get used to it! So see you online Elton!
Puppy hugs & sniffs, Gur, Zoe & Misty

Joyce's Journey said...

Oh lil Elton!!! You are the absolute cutest little thing!!! You have such a funny mommy! The things she thinks of!!! She must be so much fun for you because she certainly keeps the rest of us giggling!!