Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Last of the Summer Blooms

I was outside watering in the back yard I noticed how all the pretty flowers are going away. But a few are still fighting hard to stay in bloom. So I thought I would share what is left before they say good bye until Spring.

My little pink rose bush is still pushing out the roses. Not like it was but still giving me a few of the pretty pink blossoms.

It's looking like it really needs to be trimmed though. I'm really going to miss seeing these pretty pink roses every day.

Looks like the Stephanotis has gotten into the Halloween Spirit and put up a few spider webs.

YIKES!!! Yes these are real spider webs and not the fake ones you decorate with.

My cousin gave my sister this little plant with flowers on it in August. It turned out to be a pepper plant.

It looks so cute with the little peppers on it. We don't know what kind they are and we won't eat them but they look cute.

Oh the Gardenia plant smells so good right now.

There are still lots of blooms and buds on this bush.

We have a Crown of Thorn plant that used to belong to my grandmother. When she died my mom took it. Then when my mom died my sister, Patty, took it.

It's blooming now. They look like almost white flowers in this picture but they are really a pale yellow.

I have no idea what these little purple flowers are. I thought this plant was just a green plant but then these little guys popped out.

The Petunias are getting really towards the end of their time. They still have some flowers but the plant is getting leggy and dying off.

Same with the Double Impatiens. Still a few blooms but about ready to get replaced by some fall flowers.

The Azaleas are starting to bloom though because they like the cooler weather.

I love these deep bright pink flowers. This was a tiny plant that my sister, Patty, got years ago when she was in the hospital. She planted it and now it's a big bush. Very pretty.

These guys are still pushing out their summer, heat loving blossoms but should be going away soon too.

Yes, I shall miss the flowers of summer but I will gladly say good bye to them for now in exchange for the cool days of Fall and the rain we get in Winter.

Sadly it's still hot here in So. Cal. We have been having days in the high 80's to low 90's. Thankfully the winds have died down and they say next week we should be having a little cooler weather.

Oh I envy you people who are living in the States with nice cool crisp days right now. I can't wait for the chill to hit our State.



Connie said...

Ohmygosh, Joanne sweet chickee, we just got a gardenia plant yesterday!!! Squeeeeeal!! I'm so thrilled to finally have one of these plants but it'll have to stay indoors during our cold winters here in southern Idaho. I can't believe you have one also. I knew it immediately when I saw it and just about popped a vein in my eyeballs viewing it, honey!!! LOL

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

OH - lovely flowers - and we here in the "cool" states would love to have a little more of the warm CA sunshine. Our fall is chilly, damp, though beautiful and definitely makes me jealous of the long summers of SoCal (we lived there several life times ago it seems) and the flowers blooming into the fall and winter. Our first Thanksgiving in SoCal we ate our dinner outdoors and had roses on the table from our garden. Of course we had just moved there from Kansas and any warmth at that time of year was greatly appreciated.

We love the PNW and the seasons - but some days we do long for more summer, warmer fall days and flowers that last past September. Enjoy!!!

Lorilee said...

Hi Joanne,
Your flowers are beautiful. I just visited your cake site. You are SO talented!
You asked about Lucy, my chicken. She was grabbed out of our yard last Sunday by a bobcat. She was able to get away and hide under some rosehedge in the pasture. We scared the bobcat away and got her out of the rosehedge. She seemed like she might get better the first few days, but then she started refusing to eat or walk.

Lindsay-ann said...

Joanne, your plants and flowers are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. The flowers in our garden all long gone and we have had a few really cold nights. The trees are losing their leaves quickly as it's been really windy today.

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Joanne, Your flowers are beautiful! Mine are almost gone too, I have different ones than you have. Here in New England we still have the Autumn Joy sedum, one last pink climbing rose, some Mums and Asters. It will be gone soon as we are expecting a killing frost tonight. Yikes! I'm not ready for that yet!

Tootsie said...

you are so lucky to still have some blooms to look at! Ours are so very much a memory....Your photos of all the plants are so beautiful! It makes me homesick for spring!

Darlene said... still have so many gorgeous flowers blooming...they look BEAUTIFUL!!

Glenda said...

Our weather here in CA makes it impossible to get into the spirit of Fall. We up N. have had 80º weather as well.

I love still seeing the flowers blooming, but I truly want it cooler.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Joanne, your garden is still so full of flowers! Mine are almsot all gone...I just have some herbs that are still hardy. I bought some mums in pots for my front steps .... lovely fall colors of orange and yellow.

Hugs, Pat

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

What a beautiful garden! I'm in Northern California and the weather has been so warm here too. It's like summer will never end! My roses are STILL blooming and so is the jasmine. It's smells heavenly! I have a gardenia plant that is huge but has not bloomed in several years. Can you give me any tips to get it too bloom?