Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hello my fellow bloggers. I'm having a problem with the layout of my blog. As you can see, all the info that was on my right bar side is now under all my posts. I can not seem to get that right side back.

Do any of you know what I need to do?

I hate this layout. I've had so many problems with it since I've started. I would love to have a whole new blog look. Most of you have such great layouts. I just can not afford to pay for a blog make over so I have to make due with this one.

So any help on how to get my side bar back would be wonderful! I want to be able to start listing the giveaways I've seen so you can all join in them. No one will scroll all the way down to try and find them now.

Thanks blogger friends. I know someone out there will have the answer. You guys are always so smart!



Judy said...

Hi Joanne, I wish I could help but I know very very little about all this stuff. I wish I knew more and maybe someday I'll have time to learn it all. Good luck.

Glenda said...

Did you change or ad anything lately to that side of the layout ?

I'd almost have to look at what your layout looks like to know what it looks like and what possibly happened.

If you want a hole new look, you can go to, they have backgrounds for free.

But I'd figure out first what went wrong first.


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Hey Joanne! I wish I could help you too...I actually think I did the same thing memory sucks. Were you "adding a gadget" when it happened? If you want you can email me.

Renee said...

Leelou blogs has cute backgrounds for FREE. That's where I get mine from. I have a link on my blog. Also this website has cute,FREE backgrounds too.

Unknown said...

Could you have accidentally dragged the items down under the posts? Were you messing with the HTML code?
Go to Blogger Buster and ask her if she knows. I've found her very helpful.

Don't go making any changes until you save what you've got! Even though it's a mess, you don't want to lose all your info, posts, and links!
I don't know what else to ask to help. Sorry, Joanne!

Alice said...

I hope someone can help you get just the layout you want. I'm a blog dummy so I try not to change anything ever.

Decor To Adore said...

Hi Joanne,

On my Saturday post I mentioned a blog called April Showers (there is a link) She is a graphic designer and is currently in the midst of a giveaway for one complete blog makeover. Please stop by and enter this. Believe it or not she has not had that many responses.

Unknown said...

Oh, I hope you win that blog makeover because I can be of absolutely no help at all, but I do understand your blogger woes.

Janet said...

No idea! Mine is stale and stagnant, but I am too afraid to try to change anything for fear of the unknown happening.

Good luck,


Cindy said...

You might try changing to a different blog template. That may kick it all back to the sidebar.